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Solar Outdoor Lights

Solar powered outdoor lighting seems like the perfect marriage of form and function. It uses the sun during the day to provide the power for various types of lighting you can use aroud your home at night.

Home Security

Solar Powered Security

Solar-powered security lights, camera systems, and driveway alarms can give homeowners peace of mind. Security systems that use solar power can continuously monitor what’s happening in your property.

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Solar Water Features

There are many different types of solar water features out there. But what they all have in common is that they are easy to install, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. You also don’t have to worry about any plumbing.

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Light up the garden with solar outdoor lights

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Installing uplights at ground level or just below can create dramatic displays or illuminate a beautiful  tree. You can also combine tree up-lighter with other types of garden spotlights to enhance the beauty of your garden at night-time.

There are a number of ways that you can use commercial solar outdoor lights.

strategically-positioned floodlights can shine on trees, flagpoles, statutes, or highlight architectural features.

Solar driveway lights are an Eco-friendly solution to illuminate your garden. The best solar driveway lights charge during the day and then switch on automatically at dusk. Having solar lights along your driveway improves security; and makes your yard safer.

A solar-powered security camera is one of the best ways to monitor your property. Solar cameras allow you to boost security around the perimeter of your house. It is even possible to install a wireless solar camera to add video surveillance in off-grid places.

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Factors In Choosing Garden Solar Lights

Are Solar Lights any Good?

The goodness of solar lights depends on their quality. If you invest in pathway solar lights from a reputable brand, you’ll hardly be disappointed.

Design is another important aspect of these outdoor lights. Choosing Outdoor lights that compliment your exterior and the outlay of your path and garden can be quite fulfilling.

However, solar lights may have a few disadvantages. They need regular sunshine so that they can serve you reliably. They won’t function when it gets cloudy for many days, such as during a rainy season, they won’t function.

The illumination of solar pathway lights is not as bright as that of conventional lamps.

During gloomy days their batteries may not charge fully. Without enough charge, they may produce a dim light or no light at all.

Though minimal, solar pathway way lights still require some maintenance. You’ll need to inspect them and ensure that they remain functional.

These lights also need regular cleaning.

Are Solar Lights any good

Here are the Different Catergories of Outdoor Solar Lights

Powering Solar Outdoor Lights

There are different outdoor solar lights to enhance the exterior beauty of your home at night. They also provide the much-needed light whenever you have an outdoor night activity. If need be you can leave them on throughout. For example, if you are away for work or holiday, solar outdoor lights may make it seem like you are home. And this may deter intruders. 

Powering Solar Powered Security Lights

Over the years, solar-powered security lights have become popular. These lights shine brightly through the night. Even when there is a blackout, you can count on them.

Some solar-powered lights also have motion-sensing capabilities. They only light up when there is some kind of movement within your premises. These lights are another great way to deter late-night intruders.

Apart from solar-powered security lights, there are also security alarms and cameras. These devices monitor everything that is happening around your home at all times.

The best part is that the devices are not sophisticated. Installing them takes only a few minutes, and you will not need to do any wiring.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar energy allows you to do a lot more within your premises. For instance, you can use them to decorate your outdoors. Solar-powered garden lights are environmentally friendly. They compliment whichever garden decorations ideas that you may have in mind.

Like most other solar-powered lights, these lights don’t require any wiring.  This saves you from the inconsistencies of having cables lying all over your garden. Even if you dig trenches to conceal the wires, it will still be a lot of work. And there is a degree of risk attached to the setup.

You can use solar power to power pond pumps, pond aerators, and water fountains. With solar energy, you can tap into your creativity, and express your ideas by illuminating your garden

What Is Solar Energy - Solar Energy Explained

Solar energy is the most abundant and renewable source of energy. But do you know how it works and how you can use it to your advantage?

What is Solar Energy?


Solar means the sun. Solar energy is, therefore, green energy from the sun. Green energy is any clean energy generated from a natural resource. It is a form of radiation that emanates from the sun. Solar panels are used to harvest solar energy and convert it into electricity.

Despite being the most abundant source of energy, only 1% of global energy comes from solar power. China is the largest generator of solar energy in the world with 205 GW. The United States follows with 76 GW. Japan, Germany, and India also make the top 5 leading countries in solar energy generation.


How Does Solar Energy Work?


There are 3 ways to harness solar energy:

  • Photovoltaics,
  • Solar Heating and Cooling,
  • Concentrating Solar Power.

Solar panels are built to absorb sunlight and convert it into electric energy. When sunlight lands on the surface of the panel, the photovoltaic cells trap it. The solar panels then send it to an inverter that converts the direct current into AC. This is the solar energy we use to power our homes.


How Efficient Are Solar Panels?


Most solar panels have efficiency levels ranging from 10% to 20%. This means only 10% to 20% of the sunlight that hits the solar panels is converted into electricity. The rest of the sunlight is either reflected back or converted into heat.


Why are Solar Panels not 100 Percent Efficient?


There is no single energy conversion process that generates power at 100% effectiveness. Solar panels cannot absorb all the spectrums of the sun’s light. They only take in certain targeted wavelengths, and the rest is either absorbed in form of heat or reflected.


Solar Garden light at night
Solar Panel on Garden Light
Bollard solar light

Solar Outdoor Lights

Solar powered outdoor lights are Eco-friendly ways to illuminate driveways, tress, garden features, patios, and decks. One of the reasons most people choose solar outdoor lights is because they don’t impact on energy bills.

The best solar garden lights can provide continual lighting from dusk till dawn for only the cost of the units.


Installing solar-powered lighting can also help increase safety and security in your home. Having the perimeter of your home illuminated can help deter unwanted opportunists loitering on your property. Solar lighting with motion sensors can also increase brightness when visitors approach your property. This is not only welcoming for your visitors; it also prevents anyone tripping on objects in the dark.

One of the benefits of installing high-quality solar garden lights is that they don’t require any wiring or any kind of maintenance.


What Are Solar Garden Lights?


There are a number of different types of outdoor solar garden lights to compliment your garden landscape or house design.

Some of the ways to use outside solar garden lights include tree up-lights, patio illumination, security lights with motion sensors, pathway lights, driveway lights and garden lighting.

Garden solar lights can be placed at an angle in pathways, mounted on gutters, attached to facades, placed above doors, or used to create multi-coloured lighting effects.


How Do Solar Lights Work? 


A process called the photovoltaic (PV) effect is the reason why solar lights work. The dark solar panels contain crystalline silicon cells and special chemicals. As sunlight penetrates the dark panel, a chemical reaction takes place to create an electrical current. This is then used to charge batteries or power equipment.


There are three main parts that allow solar lights to work.


  • A solar charging panel to capture and convert the sun’s rays into power
  • Good quality rechargeable lithium batteries to store solar power and provide light whenever it is needed
  • LED bulbs to provide bright light using minimal amount of energy

During the day, the PV panel absorbs sunlight and converts this into energy. The electricity charges the batteries in the solar light. When the sunlight fades in the evening, the charging process stops and the solar lights automatically turn on. This process repeats itself day in, day out.


Another important factor when it comes to solar lighting is the charging efficiency. This is the amount of power that the solar panels can generate from sunlight. Usually, the best solar lights or solar charging panels have an efficiency of between 17 and 24%.


Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?


Solar lights continue to charge on cloudy days because all they need is light to operate. Of course, on cloudy or overcast days, solar panels don’t work as efficiently as on sunny days. However, the best types of solar outside lights should still be able to convert around 10% of the sun’s energy. This means that the lights will still turn on in the evening time, but they may not shine as long.


In fact, in some circumstances, solar panels may work more efficiently on cloudy days than on very hot sunny days. The reason for this is that solar charging becomes less efficient the hotter the solar panel gets.


This also means that you can charge solar lights through windows. All you need to do is place the solar lights on a windowsill with the charging panel pointing outside. The same is also true about charging solar lights indoors without the sun. Solar lights don’t need direct sunlight to charge-all they need is light. So, you can use artificial light sources to charge any kind of solar-powered equipment.


Do Solar Lights Work in Winter


Because solar lights just need daylight to work, they work in winter just as well as they do in summer. However, there are a few factors why solar lights don’t work as well in winter as they do at other times of the year.

One reason is that the sun is generally at a lower angle in the sky. So, the sun’s rays are less powerful than they are in the summertime. This can also mean that there are more shadows on the solar light panels which then affect charging efficiency.


Another reason why solar lights may not work from ‘dust to dawn’ is that winter days are shorter and the nights are longer. So, although your solar lights may work for a few hours in winter evenings, the battery charge probably won’t last until the morning.


Why Do Solar Garden Lights Stop Working?


Usually, the main reason why solar-powered garden lights stop working is due to charging issues. Here are a few of the most common reasons why solar lights in your garden fail to turn on:

  • Plants have grown and block direct sunlight on the solar panel
  • The angle of the solar light panel has moved and no longer charges efficiently
  • Solar panels can stop working in winter if snow covers the charging panel during the day
  • The rechargeable battery needs replacing

If you need to change the batteries, it is not advisable to use just any battery. You should always replace batteries in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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