Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings

About Us

Leo Millstone Solar Light GuruHello, my name is Leo Millstone and I am the creator of Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings.  This website is a result of my ongoing interest of and wanting to learn more about solar energy, that we can use around our homes.

Over the years I have had an increasing interest in Solar energy and in particular Solar garden Lights. My knowledge of solar powered outdoor lights is based on the practical use of such products over a long period of time, but most of all I think solar lights are great fun to use around the house, creating color, improving security and also that they are cheap to set up.

Also, having had solar panels installed on our house to produce electricity adds to the enthusiasm of solar energy.

My aim for this website is to not only supply information of solar powered lights to you but I like to think I also give an honest opinion of the lights whether it be good or not so good. Comparing and Reviewing products, so that you can make an informed decision on which solar lights best suits your needs.

Learning about Solar Outdoor Lights

When purchasing solar lights for your outdoor areas, there are a lot things to consider. Our aim is to answer any questions that you may have and to help you make an informed decision on which solar products best suits your needs.

Some questions that you may want to have answered-

  • How long do solar lights last
  • How long do they need to have direct sunlight for to charge
  • Can solar lights be charged on cloudy days
  • Where to place solar lights in my garden
  • How bright are solar lights
  • How to maintain solar lights
  • What are Lumens
  • Why choose solar lights

Our aim is to answer these questions and many more.

There are many reasons for wanting to have Solar Lights around your House and Garden.

Solar Spot Light1/ Spot Light:

To define an area of your garden or to light up a special tree that features in your garden. You may consider putting in Solar Powered Uplights or a Solar Spot Light.

2/ Home Security:

To improve the security around your home, deterring would be burglars and lighting up around your house when you arrive home late at night. By installing Solar Motion Lights this will help light up the dark areas of your yard. To add security closer to your house you may consider attaching some Solar Powered Lights to your Gutters.

You are also able to install solar security cameras or solar driveway alarms. These are a great option if you need areas monitored where there is no other power source. Being able to protect your property from intruders.

3/ Define an Area:

Depending on how large your yard is, or the length of your driveways, we all have an area which could benefit from having some Solar Lighting to define an area making it easier to navigate when arriving home late at night. When Driving up your Driveway it will be more welcoming if you have some Solar Driveway Lights Lighting up your way. 

4/ Decorating Your Outdoor Areas:

Solar Lights are a good way to decorate outdoor areas like patios or garden beds. Fairy lights can add color and bring joy to an area for a party or just having friends around. You can light up your patio or around a pool area with different sorts of solar lights.

Another area that may need outlining  are your pathways. So, getting some nice Solar Pathway Lights, will not only light up your path, they will add to your Garden Landscaping.


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