Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights

Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights Will Add a Touch of Interest to Your Garden

Stainless Steel Solar Garden LightsAdding a touch of light to a garden is a great way to draw attention to certain plants you are proud of and allows you to enjoy the area with friends after the sun has set. Installing these lights used to require the help of a professional and could be a fairly expensive project for most homes.

With the development of stainless steel solar garden lights, this task just got a lot easier. These new lights allow the average homeowner to install a set of lights themselves, to add just the right amount of interest to their garden.

They’re Attractive and Durable

What makes these modern versions of stainless steel solar garden lights so popular are their great looks and their durability. Newer versions of these lights are available in a wide assortment of styles that allows you to match any decor with ease.

They are also available in a number of different mounting kits and types of light they provide, to make it easy to find the perfect combination of  solar powered outdoor lighting for any garden. Because these stainless steel solar garden lights have been designed to be used in an area that is exposed to the elements, they are built to be especially durable and will give you years of trouble-free use.

Installation of these stainless steel solar garden lights is easy and takes only a few minutes per light. They can either be mounted to a flat surface in your garden or pushed into the dirt where needed with their included spikes.

If you have an area that is heavily shaded that you are hoping to illuminate, there are even styles of these stainless steel solar garden lights that allow you to locate the solar charging module a short distance away from the actual lights. This enables you to place the solar collector in sunlight and connect it to the lights that are located in your garden.

An Easy To Use Alternative Energy Solution

These stainless steel solar garden lights derive all the power they need to operate from simple sunlight. They include a solar module in their fixtures that collects the available sunlight and turns it into a small current that is used to charge their internal battery. This battery can then be used to illuminate the stainless steel solar garden lights in the evening.

This makes these lights a very green alternative energy solution to lighting your garden. In fact, these stainless steel solar garden lights can provide all the illumination your garden will ever need without costing you a penny in electricity. Because they don’t require a connection to your home’s electrical system, they are also easier to install than conventional fixtures and can be located in gardens that would have been difficult to provide power to in the past.

They’ll Cost Less Than You Might Think

Because of dramatic improvements to the solar modules and bulbs used in these stainless steel solar garden lights, they are more efficient and less expensive than ever before. In most cases they are even less expensive than a standard set of garden lights and offer you the added benefit of free operation as well.

Since you can do the installation of these stainless steel solar garden lights yourself, you also have the savings of not needing to hire a professional. All of these advantages mean that using these stainless steel solar garden lights on your home is a smart decision that can help you light up your garden and allows you to be environmentally conscious at the same time.


Solar Floodlights

Solar FloodlightsKeep Your Home Safe with Solar Floodlights

Every year more and more homeowners discover the advantage of using solar powered lights on their homes. These lights use sunlight for power and can provide ample lighting for most of the evening from a single charge. They have been dramatically improved over the years and today offer an almost perfect alternative energy solution for most lighting needs.

One of the most popular types of this solar lighting solution are solar floodlights that can be used in lighting a driveway or section of your yard. They can supply a good amount of light for almost any need and are an inexpensive way to illuminate most locations.

Bright Enough To Light a Large Yard

Most older solar lighting solutions were limited in the amount of light they could produce and the length of time they could supply this light. These constraints were due mostly to the inefficient solar panels used in their design and the type of bulbs housed in the fixture.

Because the solar modules did not produce a lot of power, the bulbs used in these early solar powered outdoor lightings were small, which limited them to applications that required low levels of lighting. Recent developments in solar panel technology, as well as larger batteries, have enabled modern versions of these lights to operate for longer periods of time and supply more light for your home.

This has expanded the use of the technology to even larger applications like solar floodlights. These large solar floodlights can supply enough lighting to be used in place of conventional models. By replacing your current outdoor lighting with solar floodlights you can save a substantial amount of electricity each year on your energy bill.

A Wide Selection of Choice

Solar floodlights come in a multitude of choices and there are models available to suit almost any lighting need. Most of them are easy to install and will supply enough light for a large portion of your yard.

There are models designed to light a broad area and other versions of solar floodlights with a more focused beam of light to be used for spot lighting. Many homeowners use a set of solar floodlights to brighten up their driveway in the evenings, which helps prevent accidents and also makes your home more secure.

Many of these solar floodlights even include a motion sensor that can detect movement in the area around the light. This is a great way to make sure the lights turn on when you need them and shut off when the area is no longer being used. You can also connect these solar floodlights to a conventional switch in your home to control their operation if this better suits your needs.

Solar Floodlights Are Easy To Install and Operate

In addition to these solar floodlights never needing a bit of power from your home, they are also easy to install. Since they won’t require a connection to your home’s electrical system, you can mount them almost anywhere you require a little extra light.

You simply mount them to a flat surface with a few screws and they are ready to go. Be careful to ensure that the charging panel on the solar floodlights has a clear view of the sky so it can supply enough power to the batteries for proper operation. Once they’re installed you can relax and enjoy the free lighting they provide for years to come.


Solar Step Lights

Solar Step LightsSolar Step Lights Preventing Those Trips And Falls

Installing a set of solar step lights is easier than you think and can help prevent unexpected accidents at your home from trips and falls in the dark. These lights can be installed in about an hour’s time and are a simple enough project for anyone to tackle.

Unlike standard low voltage lighting that was traditionally used for stairs, these solar step lights don’t require any complicated or expensive wiring to connect them to your home. They include a solar module that is charged by the sun and can provide power for an evenings worth of lighting.

Automatic Operation When You Need Them On

In addition to these solar step lights being easy to install, they are also simple to operate. Most models are equipped with a light sensor that can detect sunset and will turn the solar step lights on when for use in the evenings. This is a great feature and means that you’ll always have the light you need for your steps without having to worry about turning them on every evening.

These same sensors will also turn these solar step lights back off again in the morning and put them back into charging mode so they can be ready for the next evenings use. There are a wide variety of style and colors available to choose from, which makes it simple to find the perfect set of solar step lights for your home. Some models are designed to be surface mounted at the side of the stair and others can actually be recessed into the tread itself to give you the ultimate flexibility.

What Makes These New Solar Step Lights So Much Better?

Even though solar powered outdoor lighting products have been available for quite some time, they have only started to gain a wider acceptance in recent years. This is due to broader design choices and improvements to the lights themselves.

Older models of these lights could only operate for short periods every evening and provided a dimmer light that many homeowners found unsatisfactory. This was due to the less efficient solar modules used in these early versions and the type of bulb as well.

Because the solar modules could not generate a lot of power, the bulbs had to be smaller to reduce the amount of power they required. Modern versions of these solar step lights eliminate these issues by using a more powerful solar module coupled with larger batteries to deliver a strong and reliable power source for the lights.

With these newer lights having more power available, they can use larger and brighter bulbs to supply all the illumination your steps require.

Find The Style That’s Right For You

You also have a much wider selection of styles for these new solar step lights than ever before and can easily find one that suites your decor. Some of the fixtures have an integrated solar module and battery, which makes mounting them very easy. Other models have the solar panel and battery as a separate module that allows you to locate it a short distance away from the steps you’re lighting.

This can be handy if your steps are in the shade as you’ll need sunlight to charge the power module. By using a version of solar step lights with a remote solar module, you can easily position it in the sun and still use these lights for steps in the shade. No matter which version of lights you finally decide to install, you will be able to enjoy the light they provide for years to come as long as the sun is shining.

Solar Patio Lights

Entertain In Style with Solar Patio Lights

An outdoor patio is a wonderful addition to any home that provides the perfect setting for parties with friends. By adding a set of solar patio lights to your outdoor oasis, you can enjoy it late into the evening without the worry of an expensive electrical bill.

This is because the power to operate these solar patio lights is provided free from the simple sunlight that arrives at your home everyday. Using an alternative energy solution like this is not only a great way to lower your energy costs, it helps the planet as well.

The challenge with installing traditional lighting is that it can be complicated and expensive and will raise your electricity bill every time you use the lights. If you install a large conventional system, the cost to operate these lights can be substantial.

This leads many homeowners to skip the evenings outdoors because of the worrisome expense. By using a set of solar patio lights instead, you will not only save money on the installation but you can use them whenever you want for free.

Mix Styles to Get the Perfect Amount of Light

Solar Patio LightsModern versions of these solar patio lights look and operate just like conventional lights. Most of them have solar modules that are extremely efficient and will provide enough power for a full evenings use from a single charge.

They are also available in a wide universe of colors and styles to give you the ultimate in flexible design. To use these solar patio lights effectively you should consider mixing a few different styles into your design. You want to be able to provide adequate light for entertaining without making your guests feel like they are relaxing under a spotlight.

There are a number of models of these solar patio lights that are designed to be mounted under the edge of benches and railings that will provide a nice level of indirect lighting for your deck or patio. You can also mix in a set or two of landscape lights that will highlight any trees or plants you have nearby and also cast a soft glow of light onto your patio.

A set of higher powered solar floodlights are also a good idea and can be used when guests are arriving, or when the evening is over and you need to clean up the area. There are solar patio lights available to suit all these needs and many of the systems can even be connected to the same solar module and sensors.

Automatic Solar Patio Lights Can Be Convenient

If you do decide to mix a few different styles of solar patio lights into your design, it can be handy to have some of them automatically turned on for you, and others operate on a switch. For example, you might decide to have the railing lights turn on automatically at dusk so you always have a bit of light on your patio.

The floodlights can be connected to a switch so that you can turn them off when needed and not have to worry about the brighter light ruining the mood for the evening. Many manufacturers offer kits that you can install that mix a variety of these styles together, which makes the installation easier.

Don’t Forget To Light the Steps

In addition to your new solar patio lights, you should also consider solar step lights and even solar pathway lights. This allows you to add safety to any steps on your deck or patio to make sure your guests can always find their footing. Pathway lighting will help to give your patio a welcoming look as it gently illuminates the path leading up to the area. All of these lighting tasks can be provided by solar patio lights and can help to make your outdoor space the perfect place to relax.

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Solar Pathway Lights

Light the Way with Solar Pathway Lights

Solar Pathway LightsSolar pathway lights are always a good idea to help your family and your guests find the path. These lights are typically located at the edge of a walkway and cast a gentle light on the walkway to help you stay on the path and avoid tripping. Solar pathway lighting allows you to get all of the advantages of conventional lights without worrying about increasing your electricity bill. Since they use the sun for their power, these lights allow you to enjoy the beauty and safety of an illuminated path for free.

Installation Is a Snap

There are several models of solar pathway lights and all of them are easy to install. Most models have a small solar panel located in the top surface of the light that will trickle-charge an internal battery. This battery is then used that evening as a power source for the bulbs. These lights even include a light sensor that turns them on at dusk and off again at dawn to ensure you have all the light you need in the evenings automatically.

To install these solar pathway lights, you simply push the pole they are mounted to into the ground at the edge of the path you want to illuminate. This makes it easy to locate them anywhere you need the light and even move them if needed. Because they use the sun to charge their batteries, you have to be sure they get adequate sunlight exposure during the day.

If the path is shaded, you can use a version of these solar pathway lights that have a master solar panel than can be located a short distance away in sunlight. This module will typically include the battery as well and is then connected to the lights with a short cable. This configuration allows you to have the charging module in bright sunlight and locate the lights in the shade.

They Work For Hours on a Single Charge

The biggest challenge with older versions of these solar pathway lights was their limited illumination. Because the solar modules used in these early models were not very efficient, they couldn’t charge the batteries fully. This meant the lights did not operate very long in a typical system. Also, the lights used in these early models required a lot of power, which drained the batteries quickly.

Modern versions of these solar pathway lights have eliminated these concerns in several ways and can typically provide a steady light for your path for an entire evening on a single charge. The solar modules in these newer lights are able to convert a larger amount of sunlight into power in an average day, which allows them to fully charge their batteries.

Because of this, the batteries used in these newer models are larger and can supply power for longer periods than older models. The bulbs used are also more efficient and draw much less power than in years past. All of this means these modern solar pathway lights will provide all the light you need, well into the evening.

Make Your Home Safer and More Secure

Having your paths lit in the evenings will give your home a very attractive look and will also make it safer. Not only will it help you and your guests find the path and avoid trips and falls, any exterior lighting you add to your home can help to discourage crime. Statistically, homes that use exterior lighting , such as solar floodlights, in the evenings are less likely to suffer break-ins than homes that are dark. By simply adding solar pathway lights, you give your home a more secure and welcoming look that adds to its beauty as well as its safety.

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Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting You’ll Love The New Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting Products

Solar powered outdoor lighting seems like the perfect marriage of form and function. It uses the sun during the day to provide the power for various types of lighting you can use on your home at night.

Modern versions of these lighting products are available in a wide variety of colors and styles to accommodate any lighting needs you may have around your home. They are very easy to install and because they use nothing more than simple sunlight for power, you never have to worry about an expensive electricity bill.

They’re Simple To Operate

The design of these solar powered outdoor lighting products is very similar, regardless of the type of fixture you decide to use on your home. It all starts with a small solar panel that is used to harvest sunlight. This solar panel can convert the sunlight that strikes its surface in DC current that is used to charge a battery that is normally located inside of the lighting fixture itself.

This battery is then used as the power source for the lights that are used in the evening. Usually a days charge can last for several evenings use of the lights depending on the type of light you select. This is crucial to ensure you have adequate lighting even if you have had a few cloudy days.

The thing that makes these solar outdoor lighting products so attractive to most homeowners is how easy they are to use. Unlike conventional lighting, you don’t have to worry about connecting them to your home’s power system. This makes them easy to install since you won’t have to have a professional electrician come to your home to make the final electrical connection. This also means you can locate them in areas of your home that would have been difficult to run wiring to with standard lighting.

They’re Much Improved Over Older Models

Older versions of most solar powered outdoor lighting products had a few challenges that many homeowners found disappointing. Even though the solar panels on older models were very similar to current products, they couldn’t generate as much power from the sun. This meant that they either needed longer to charge the batteries or they never fully charged them.

Having batteries that were not charged completely meant that the lights would operate for shorter periods of time than most homeowners wanted. This short charging cycle also meant that the batteries would need to be replaced more often than current ones that get a full charge on a regular basis.

The bulbs used in these early models were also a problem as they were dim and provided a weaker light that had a bit of a bluish tint to it. Even though the lights worked, many consumers were not happy with the amount of light they provided overall. Modern versions of these solar powered outdoor lighting products overcome all these problems with newer solar panels that charge the batteries quicker and better bulb designs that deliver substantial light from a single charge.

They Last For Years On Most Homes

The other major advantage to the latest generation of solar powered outdoor lighting products is their durability. They have been designed to last for years on the average home and will continue to operate as long as they receive adequate sunlight to charge their batteries. The enclosures have also been improved to provide better protection from the elements and are available in a wider variety of designs as well to make it easy for you to match the decor of your home.

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