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Benefits of using a Solar Powered Security Camera

A solar-powered security camera is one of the best ways to monitor your property. Solar cameras allow you to boost security around the perimeter of your house, in your backyard, at entrance ways, or in remote areas. It is even possible to install a wireless solar camera to add video surveillance in off-grid places.

Solar Camera

For security-conscious homeowners, solar security cameras are a vital piece of equipment. The discreet units provide constant surveillance or work on motion detection. Many of the best solar-powered cameras have facial recognition, voice control, notifications to your smartphone, two-way communication, and cloud storage.

Additionally, security cameras on a property deter crime. A 40-year systematic review found that CCTV surveillance resulted in “a significant and modest decrease in crime.” There were also “significant crime reductions within…residential areas.

What are the advantages of installing a solar-powered security camera? This article is a complete guide to solar cameras. You will find essential facts on how to choose a suitable home surveillance camera for your needs.

What Are Solar Security Cameras?

Solar security cameras are surveillance devices that use solar power to monitor a property. A solar-powered camera security system doesn’t require wiring or an external power source. Using a solar panel and rechargeable battery, a solar camera operates day and night without electricity. This means that solar cameras are cost-effective security solutions for residential properties.

The most common type of residential solar-powered security camera has a small camera, solar panel, and Wi-Fi or SD memory card slot. The security features in a solar camera range from CCTV-style monitoring to two-way audio and visual communication.

Because they don’t need wiring, you can install solar security cameras almost anywhere on your property. As soon as the motion sensors detect movement, the cameras start recording. Because they don’t require mains electricity, solar cameras are Eco-friendly security solutions for your property.

Here are the features in the best solar security cameras:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Instant notifications to your mobile device
  • Wi-Fi or data connectivity
  • Two-way communication
  • Facial recognition
  • Full HD recording day and night
  • Secure storage on the cloud or SD card
  • Live view and playback at any time
  • IP66 waterproof

How do Solar Security Cameras Work?

Also called solar panel security cameras, the units work by harnessing the sun’s energy. Highly efficient solar panels absorb energy during daylight. The energy is converted into DC power that charges rechargeable batteries. This gives the security cameras a constant supply of power, even on overcast days.

Solar Security Camera

Solar surveillance cameras can record footage 24/7, or they can start recording when they detect motion. Because there is no wiring involved, solar security cameras work by storing images and video remotely on cloud storage or an SD memory card. You can also watch a live feed from your wireless solar security camera wherever you have an internet connection.

Do Solar Cameras Work if it’s Overcast or Raining?

One of the biggest concern’s homeowners have about solar-powered security cameras is how they work in bad weather. Solar security cameras are designed for outdoor use in all weather conditions. The camera’s solar panel still charges in indirect sunlight, but they are most effective in direct sunshine.

Of course, on cloudy, overcast days, the solar panels will charge much slower than in bright, direct sunlight. However, solar camera manufacturers are aware of this and design rechargeable batteries accordingly. Even after many gloomy days, a high-quality solar camera should continue to work and record footage on your property.

Rain can be an advantage to solar cameras. It even helps your solar-powered camera to operate more efficiently. The rain washes off dust, dirt, and bird droppings, allowing the solar panels continue to absorb light.

Advantages of Using a Solar-Powered Security Camera

Here are five benefits of installing solar security cameras on your property.

1. Solar-powered security cameras have a low running cost

The most significant benefit of using solar cameras to monitor your property is cost. Solar panel security cameras cost nothing to operate because they use free energy—the sun. You don’t have to worry about increased energy bills to keep your property secure. Additionally, there are no concerns about thieves cutting power to your home.

2. Solar security cameras are easy to install

Due to their wireless connectivity and solar panel, there is no complicated wiring to get your security surveillance system up and running. All you need to do is install the solar panel to capture the sun’s rays, and you’re set to go.

Using an IP solar-powered camera gives you even more flexibility. You can monitor your property wherever you have an internet connection. Additionally, recording to the cloud means that your surveillance footage is in a secure location.

3. No carbon footprint

Solar security cameras use one of the best renewable energy sources for power—sunlight. With solar-powered security, lighting, and surveillance equipment, you don’t need to worry about increased energy bills. Also, you know that you are protecting the environment by reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

4. Install solar security cameras almost anywhere

With no wiring required, you can set up solar-powered cameras wherever you need. Of course, a security camera at the front door is easy to install. But you can also install cameras where laying cables isn’t an option. You can even monitor remote properties to increase security.

5. Control wireless solar security cameras remotely

An advantage of wireless solar security cameras over wired ones is connectivity. The best solar security cameras connect to the internet. This means that you can have complete access to your security system wherever you are.

For example, say a delivery person is at your door, but you’re at work. In that case, you can communicate with the person and instruct them where to leave the package. Or, if you notice something suspicious on your property, you can alert the authorities.

You may just want to keep an eye on children or pets playing in the yard to give yourself peace of mind.

Disadvantages of Having a Solar-Powered Security Camera

Are there any drawbacks of investing in solar security cameras? The main issue to consider is sunlight.

Solar Powered Security

Security cameras that are constantly in the shade may not operate during the night as efficiently as a wired camera. This could happen with cameras on the north side of a property. Or it could be a large building, tree, or some other obstruction.

The other light-related issue with solar security cameras is weather conditions. The panel may not charge as efficiently in overcast weather or during short winter days. The camera will still charge—only at a slower rate. However, a few gloomy days won’t affect the efficiency of a solar-powered camera.

Solar-Powered Security Camera vs. Electrical Wired Camera — Which is Best to Buy?

The decision to buy a solar security camera or electrical wired one depends on your needs.

For simple home security options, solar security cameras are the best option. They are easy to install, don’t require wiring, and have zero maintenance. Additionally, IP security cameras come with a range of security solutions from face recognition to remote monitoring.

The best solar surveillance cameras also have advanced image sensors to record clear, high-definition color images at night.

It’s also essential to note that the affordability of installing solar-power security cameras makes this surveillance option worth considering.

On the other hand, electrically wired security cameras can provide a more reliable security option. However, they require professional installation and battery backup in case of a power failure.

Solar-Powered Security Cameras — In Conclusion

Solar security cameras are a cost-effective way of increasing home security. High-quality, affordable solar-powered cameras record footage around your property day and night in HD resolution. Connectivity through 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi allows you to monitor your property 24/7.

For most homeowners, solar security cameras are the best way to ensure their homes and yards are safe for the family and pets.