Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings

Best Solar Disk Lights to light up Pathways

The best solar disk lights provide Eco-friendly lighting at ground level for your garden. You can buy solar ground lights to illuminate paths, driveways, patios, or create exciting lighting features. Solar ground lights can also complement other types of solar-powered lighting for outdoor spaces.

Quick Look at Solar Disk Ground Lights

ImageProductRatingNumber of LightsBest FeaturePrice
GIGALUMI Solar Disk Lights 3.88Bright Light
Solar Disk Lights
INCX Solar Ground Disk Lights 4.48Easy to Install
Solar Disk Lights
Biling Solar Disk Outdoor Ground Lights 4.312Lights sit flush to the ground
Solar Disk Lights
Kingmazi Solar Disk Lights4.08Classic stainless-steel design
Solar Disk Lights
StarGinz Solar Disk Lights Waterproof 3.74Unique contemporary design
Solar Disk Lights
Loren Solar Outdoor Disk Ground Lights 4.24Increased lighting range
Solar Disk Lights
Bell+Howell Heavy Duty Solar Disk Lights 3.58Stone-effect LED ground lights
Solar Disk Lights
CHINLY Solar Driveway Disk Lights 4.78Durable aluminum casing
Solar Disk Lights

One of the benefits of using solar lights in your garden is that they are low maintenance. No wiring is necessary to install them. Also, having constant lighting in your garden doesn’t add to your electricity bill. All these ground solar disk lights need to work is to capture the sun’s rays during daylight and then they automatically switch on when it’s dusk. The best solar disk lights shine for up to eight or ten hours every night.

Review of the Best 8 Solar Powered Disk Lights

Choosing the best solar disk ground lights can be challenging. There are many types to choose from—all with varying features and durability. In this review, we’ve examined the top eight solar disk lights that are currently for sale. We tell you the pros and cons of each of these lights.

1. Gigalumi Solar Disk Lights for Outdoor Use

Premium quality Gigalumi solar ground lights provide light along paths or driveways without increasing your energy bills. These solar-powered disk lights are hard-wearing, waterproof, and cos-effective. The eight solar lights are easy to install, with no wiring necessary and illuminate your garden walkways or driveways for up to ten hours. The stainless-steel shell can withstand pressure up to 220 lbs (100 kg).

As with all the best outdoor solar garden lights, these ground lights charge up during the day and automatically switch on at night. The durable solar lights withstand the harshest weather conditions—frost, rain, snow, or heat.


  • Heavy-duty solar disk lights
  • One of the brightest sets of light on this list
  • Easy to install
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Some users say that the lights break easily
Solar Ground Lights

2. INCX Solar Ground Disk Lights

Another high-quality set of solar-powered disk lights are these ground lights by INCX. Thanks to the highly-efficient charging panel, the lights have a fast charging time and shine for up to ten hours. The built-in sensor turns the lights on automatically in the evening, and the light shines until morning. Installation is by a ground spike, meaning you can install these solar disk lights anywhere—on a patio, along a driveway, or around flower beds.

The wireless design of these solar ground lights means that installation is straightforward. The weatherproof casing allows the solar lights to work in all weather conditions.


  • Provides warm white light
  • Rated at IP65
  • Each light has 12 LED lamps
  • Built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batter
  • Aluminum chrome casing that is weather-resistant


  • Quality could be better
Solar Ground Lights

3. Biling Solar-Powered Disk Outdoor Ground Lights

With Biling solar disk lights, you can decorate your garden, lawn, trees, walls, or driveways with these lights. Each solar unit has 8 LED bulbs to provide plenty of light for your outdoor areas. The benefit of solar lighting for your yard is that these lights are a no-cost outdoor lighting solution. Thanks to the screw less design, these rechargeable solar disk lights have an excellent waterproof rating.

As you’d expect from the best solar disk ground lights, these units are hard-wearing and withstand heavy objects—vehicles, footfall, or animals. All you need to do is switch the units on to enjoy solar lighting in your yard.


  • No wiring to install—just push them into the ground
  • Suitable for wooden decks, concrete pathways, or hard driveways
  • IP65 waterproof design
  • Warm white light
  • Stainless-steel design


  • Only eight LEDs per unit—less than some other solar disk lamps
Solar Ground Lights

4. Kingmazi Solar Disk Lights for Paths and Driveways

For year-long solar ground lighting for garden paths or drives, choose this set of eight solar disk lights by Kingmazi. As with all solar-powered lights in this review, no installation is required for Eco-friendly outdoor lighting. The solar panel has a high conversion rate, and the large rechargeable battery powers the lights for hours. Each of the lighting units has eight LEDs that provide soft, warm light. According to the manufacturer, the installation time is only 20 seconds per solar light.

One reason why Kingmazi solar ground lights are popular is due to the stainless-steel and heavy-duty plastic design. Once fully charged, the solar lights will shine for up to eight hours.


  • Auto-on dusk to dawn sensor
  • No wires to mess with
  • Suitable for ground illumination in all areas of your backyard or front yard
  • Excellent customer support


  • Receives mixed reviews on Amazon
  • Not as bright as other solar lights in this review
Solar Ground Lights

5. StarGinz Solar Disk Lights Waterproof

One of the most attractive solar disk light sets in this review is the high-quality ground lights by StarGinz. These solar-powered disk lights have a larger battery than similar units, giving you a longer shine time. The nice feature of these solar lights is the opaque cover that lights up along the ground. Because the units are made from ABS durable plastic, they won’t rust, and there is little chance of them breaking under regular use.

StarGinz solar disk ground lights are easy to install along driveways, paths, on patios, or gravel edging. These solar lights have a stunning contemporary look when they illuminate gardens thanks to their unique design.


  • Sturdy design that withstands the weight of vehicles—up to 100 kg (220 lbs.)
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Dusk to dawn operation
  • Shine for up to 12 hours
  • 12-month replacement warranty


  • The brightness could be better
Solar Ground Lights

6. Loren Solar Outdoor Disk Lights

These outdoor solar lights are highly-recommended disk lights. Enjoy ground lighting with these solar-powered disk lights that don’t cost anything to run. Thanks to the unique design of these lights, the light shines upward and horizontally, thus providing excellent garden illumination. A highly efficient solar charging panel, large battery capacity, and 12 LEDs provide bright lighting for up to 14 hours. The durable, sturdy design has IP67 weather protection. The heavy-duty plastic ground spikes mean that these lights are super-easy to install.

Install Loren solar disk lights wherever you need outdoor lighting at ground level. The high-quality solar lights shine from dusk till dawn and charge even on overcast days.


  • 12 LEDs in each solar-powered lighting unit
  • Multi-directional bright light
  • One of the best value-for-money disk lights
  • Stylish appearance 


  • The waterproof design could be better
Solar Ground Lights

7. Bell+Howell Heavy Duty Solar Disk Ground Lights

If you’re looking for natural-looking solar-powered disk lights, then these units are another top-recommended option. Unlike the other solar disk lights in this review, these lights have a natural stone effect design. The increased battery capacity means that the lights shine the whole night—in fact, for up to ten hours. The stone disk lights are fully weatherproof and will continue to shine in the rain, sleet, or snow.

These solar-powered stone lights complement your lawn, borders, edging, paths, or driveways. No-mess installation, the solar lights are perfectly safe around children and animals.


  • Realistic stone-look design and feel
  • Eight LEDs in each lighting unit for super-bright light for up to ten hours
  • Heavy-duty solar disk lights
  • Suitable for driveways, stairways, pools, or even wall mounting
  • Dependable solar lights


  • Could be more powerful
Solar Ground Lights

8. CHINLY Solar Driveway Disk Lights

Chinly produces high-quality, durable solar-powered disk lights as the perfect outdoor lighting solution. If you need to illuminate a driveway, then these solar disks are ideal. The aluminum casing withstands pressure up to 20 tons and has an IP67 weatherproof rating. Unlike other solar disk lights reviewed here, these professional ground lights are screw-mounted—so, only suitable for hard surfaces.

The bright LEDs shine along the ground to improve security and aesthetics in your garden. Install on decks, patios, brick or concrete driveways, or paths.


  • Suitable for installing on hard surfaces where there is heavy traffic
  • Made from durable aluminum alloy
  • Very few customer complaints
  • Durable in all weather conditions
  • Up to ten hours of bright white light


  • No ground stakes, making them impossible to install in lawn or gravel edges
Solar Ground Lights

What to consider when buying solar ground lights

Installing the best solar disk ground lights is an excellent way to add solar-powered light at ground level. However, for outdoor solar lighting to be adequate, it’s crucial to consider a few factors. Let’s look at a few of these in more detail.

  • Location of the lights—It’s vital to plan where to install solar disk lights. The first consideration is that the solar ground lights should illuminate specific areas of your yard. The second consideration is the amount of sunshine. Solar disk lights in the constant shade won’t charge effectively and may not shine the whole night.
  • The number of lights you need—You should plan how many lights you need. Solar disk lights provide low-level lighting along the ground. Usually, the lights should be placed about six to eight feet apart. So, consider this when choosing which of the solar ground lights to buy.
  • Brightness—Apart from knowing where to install your solar lights, brightness is another consideration. Solar lighting is measured in lumens. Bright solar disk lights are suitable for security, whereas dimmer lights are better for ambient outdoor lighting. However, not all manufacturers state the brightness of their lights.
  • The function of solar disk lights—Solar disk lights have many uses in the front or backyard. The solar lights are ideal for ground lighting to define driveways, walkways, or pool sides. Or, you can install solar disk light in gravel borders to accent your garden landscape or other features.


Installing the best solar disk lights in your garden is an excellent way to brighten up your landscape. High-quality solar ground lights have efficient charging times and shine for up to ten hours.

The top recommendation on this solar disk light review is the Loren Solar Outdoor Disk Light set. These units have a solar panel that efficiently charges the large-capacity battery and provides light for up to ten hours. The 12 LED bulbs provide bright light wherever you install them in your garden.