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Solar Powered String Lights-Which one is Best to Hang in the Garden

Solar-powered string lights are the ideal way to decorate your backyard or garden. There are many types of solar garden lights to choose from. There are string lights with small Eco-friendly LED’s that are excellent for celebrations, parties, or other occasions. Other types have traditional-style LED Edison light bulbs if you want to create a relaxing or romantic atmosphere.

A Quick Look at the Best Solar String Lights

ImageProductAverage RatingNumber of LightsLength ft/mBest FeaturePrice
Sunlitec Solar String Lights 4.52527/8Dual charging – USB or Solar
solar string lights
Lalapao Solar String Lights 4.120072/22Huge number of lights
solar string lights
Brightown Solar-Powered String Lights 4.32024/7.3Shatterproof bulbs
solar string lights
Dephen Solar Moroccan Ball Lights 4.02015/4.5Multicolored LED lights
solar string lights
Supsoo Solar String Outdoor Lights 4.320072/228 Color modes
solar string lights
Lemontec Solar String Lights 4.23020/6Unusual colorful design
solar string lights

Most solar string lights come on automatically at dusk and shine until the morning. Some have various light modes to create the ideal ambiance in your backyard. So, whatever the occasion, there is a type of solar light to add soft, warm lighting effects outdoors.

It can be challenging to choose the best solar-powered string lights for your garden. That is why we’ve found the best types to light up your garden and patios currently for sale. This way, you can make an informed decision on purchasing solar lights.

Let’s Look in More Detail at the Best Solar-Powered String Lights

1. Sunlitec Solar String Lights Waterproof LED Outdoor Hanging Lights

One to the top solar-powered string outdoor lights is Sunlitec LED garden lights. These globe-type solar lights shine brightly, and various lighting modes create the perfect mood and ambiance in your garden. The 25 LED balls are designed to withstand rain, snow, and high winds. It is also possible to connect more string lights to extend their length.

One unique feature of Sunlitec solar-powered string lights is that they also charge via USB. This fantastic feature means that even on overcast days with little sunshine, you can enjoy the incredible lighting that these solar lights provide.


  • Dual charging options include solar power and USB
  • Large solar panel to increase charging capacity
  • Charging time of five hours and they shine for up to eight hours
  • Warm white color and low power usage that increases the bulb’s lifespan


  • Some users say that the lights don’t last as long as expected

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2. Lalapao 2 Pack Solar-Powered String Lights

Lalapao solar string lights are the ideal eco-friendly solution to create a celebration atmosphere in your outdoor spaces. The string lights comprise of 200 small LEDs that are on a 72-foot lightweight wire. Use the Lalapao solar string lights to brighten up your yard for any type of outdoor event. These string lights will easily wrap around garden features, patios, trees, or brighten up fences.

A nice feature with these solar string LED lights is the eight lighting modes. You can use these modes to create the perfect atmosphere and color in your garden.


  • Super bright and efficient 200 LEDs, with this two-pack that amounts to 400 lights
  • Super long string lights—72 feet in length
  • Lights come on automatically in the evening


  • Solar panel only has a fixing for the ground
  • Charges slowly on overcast days
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3. Brightown Solar String Lights Outdoor Patio Lights

The best features of Brightown solar-powered string lights are USB charging, removable bulbs, and a large solar panel. The 20 LED bulbs are connected by heavy-duty, rubber-coated wiring to provide optimal performance. All the bulbs are entirely weatherproof and withstand heavy rain or strong winds. The pergola lights shine for up to 16 hours and take just four to eight hours to charge. With four lighting modes, you can create the perfect mood on your patio, deck, poolside, or backyard.

One of the best things about Brightown solar string lights is the fact you can change the lightbulbs. So, if one fails, you just need to replace it. Also, USB charging means that even in the darkest of days, you can still get outdoor LED light in your garden.


  • G40 waterproof and shatterproof bulbs
  • Dual charging with USB and solar power
  • Replaceable bulbs
  • Ideal for porches, patios, decks, balconies, or camping
  • One-year warranty


  • Limited range of lighting modes
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4.  Dephen Solar String Lights Moroccan Ball Multicolor Party

If you’re looking for the ultimate solar-powered string lights for a celebration, then these LED lights from Dephen are ideal. The decorative globe fairy string lights shine in multiple colors with multiple lighting modes. After fully charging them, the party string lights will shine for up to ten hours. You can hang these solar string lights from trees, arbors, fences, or patios to for any kind of celebration or holiday.

The globe LEDs are connected by copper wire for long-lasting use. The adjustable solar panel also helps to capture as much of the sun’s energy as possible, even on cloudy days.


  • Multicolored effects for outdoor celebrations and parties
  • Adjustable, efficient solar panel
  • Easy to install, just like all solar lights on this list
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use


  • Limited charging capacity on overcast days
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5. Supsoo Solar String Lights for Outdoors

Supsoo solar-powered string lights are some of the best fairy lights for creating a party atmosphere in your backyard. The easy-to-install LED string lights are 72-feet long with 200 small solar lights. Use any of the eight lighting modes to create the ideal ambiance for your outdoor celebration. Choose from modes such as steady, flashing, fading, or twinkling. The durable wiring is fully waterproof and suitable for all weather conditions.

These low-cost solar string lights are ideal for decorating any object in your garden. Use the string lighting to wrap around trees, illuminate gazebos or umbrellas, or add colorful décor to fences. 


  • Low cost and excellent value for money
  • Weatherproof to IP65 standard
  • Built-in memory function to remember your last mode
  • Easy installation


  • Users say the lights ten to burn out quickly
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6. Lemontec Solar String Lights

One of the most unusually-designed solar string lights are these waterdrop-style colorful lights by Lemontec. These ‘glow in the dark’ lights are mood-enhancing solar lights to create a cheerful, relaxing ambiance in your backyard. No installation is required to get hues of warm white or many other colors shining in your garden in the evening. These string lights look fantastic hanging off trees, patios, arbors, or fences.

As with most types of solar-powered string lights, these automatically switch on in the evening and shine until morning. Choose between the steady and flashing options to create the right atmosphere for your celebration.


  • Teardrop-style multicolored solar LED string lights
  • Long lifespan up to 5,000 hours
  • Easy installation
  • Shines for up to ten hours
  • Low cost


  • Only two lighting modes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee—other brands offer a one-year warranty or longer
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What to Consider When Buying Solar String Lights

Solar-powered string lights have several uses in garden backyards, depending on your needs. Some string lights have classic light bulbs that are ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere while you enjoy evenings outdoors. Other fairy string lights are excellent if you want to have a celebration or decorate your yard for the festive season.

When picking the right type of solar string lights, there are a few things to consider.

  • Type of bulb—For a romantic ambiance or to illuminate a patio, deck area, or gazebo, string lights with vintage Edison bulbs are ideal. As well as providing enough light in dark evenings, they create a retro or vintage look. Fairy string lights are small LEDs that are excellent for decorating areas of your garden during the holiday seasons or celebrations.
  • Size of solar panel—Larger solar panels charge the rechargeable batteries better than smaller ones. Usually, the best string lighting units have larger panels to ensure that you get between eight and ten hours of garden illumination every night.
  • USB charging—To get the best out of your solar string lights, choose a model with USB charging. Using this function means that you can enjoy LED string lights when there’s not enough sun to charge the batteries.
  • Position of the solar panel—It’s vital to remember that the solar panel should be in an area where it gets the sun’s rays for the most part of the day. Some panels that are placed on the ground don’t charge as well as wall-mounted solar panels.

How to Store them, if they are for party use, or During the Periods when they are no longer required

To enjoy string solar light year after year, storing them properly is a must. One of the problems with string lights is that they tend to tangle up. The excitement of getting string lights out for a party, a celebration, or during the summer can quickly turn to frustration. Rather than spending hours untangling string lights, here are a few tips to store them properly.

  • Use a cardboard cutout to wrap the solar string lights around.
  • Try using a plastic clothes hanger to loosely wrap the lights.
  • For extra-long string lights, store them after use with a wind-up cord holder.


Illuminating your outdoor spaces with solar-powered string lights has many benefits. Solar lights use the sun’s energy to recharge batteries and power garden lights. This means that not only do you get free lighting—solar lights are more Eco-friendly than conventional garden lighting. Also, there is no wiring to bother about. All you need is a suitable location to place the solar panel and capture the sun’s rays during daylight.