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Best Outdoor Solar Security Lights

Outdoor solar security lights are the best Eco-friendly option to increase security around your home. The best solar-powered security lights have motion sensors to detect movement in your front or backyard. Super-bright LED lights switch on to illuminate your property. Most solar lights for home security also automatically turn on at dusk and shine until the morning.

Outdoor solar-powered security lights are easy to install and won’t add to your energy bills. This cost-effective security solution means you can light up your front yard, backyard, or other areas of your property whenever you need it.

Solar lights work using highly efficient solar panels and rechargeable batteries. During the day, the solar panels cover the sun’s energy into DC current to charge batteries. Then, when it starts getting dark, the solar lights turn on. You can also combine solar security lights with other solar-powered outdoor security equipment.

6 Best Solar Powered Security Lights: Overview

ImageProduct NameRatingLEDsBrightness (lm) Lighting Area (sq. ft./m2) Price
Sunforce 82153 150-LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light 4.41501000
security solar light
InnoGear Solar Outdoor Security Sensor Lights 4.580450 / 137
security solar light
TBI Pro Outdoor Solar-Power Security Lights 4.521622001600/670
security solar light
MAXSA Innovations Solar Outdoor Security Light 3.84220
security solar light
Aootek 182 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights 4.898n/an/a
security solar light
DrawGreen Outdoor Solar Lights 4.18140050/18
security solar light

It can be challenging to choose the best solar light solutions for home security. To help, we have reviewed the top eight outdoor solar security lights currently for sale. Our unbiased review also examines the pros and cons of each product. This way, you can make an informed choice before purchasing solar-powered security lights.

In-depth Review of the Best 6 Solar Security Lights

Let’s look at the best outdoor solar security lights to help make your property safer.

1. Sunforce Triple Head Solar Motion Security Light

One of the brightest solar security lights on our review is this unit by Sunforce. The high-quality security light has a detachable solar panel so you can mount it in the best position for the sun. The motion sensor has a 180° detection range and illuminates at 1,000 lumens. The three-panel solar lights are adjustable to shine precisely where you need light.

The Sunforce solar security light has an adjustable motion sensor. You can also program the length of illumination after the light switches on.


  • 150 LED lights that give 1,000 lumens
  • Thirty feet (10 m) detection range
  • A separated solar panel that attaches with a 15-ft (4.5 m) wire
  • Adjustable lighting panels


  • Limited lighting modes
  • No “always-on” setting
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2. InnoGear Solar Outdoor Security Sensor Lights

These stylish solar-powered security lights give you plenty of light around your property. The lights feature a large solar panel for efficient charging on overcast days. Each solar light unit contains 80 LEDs to produce 450 lumens of warm white light. Another excellent feature is the four adjustable lighting modes. The lights can be always on and lighten up when someone passes, or on only when there’s motion.

The contemporary design of these lights complements any modern home where aesthetics is vital. You can mount the lights directly on the wall or use the mounting pole for placing under gutters.


  • Multiple working modes
  • 450 lumens for bright security lighting
  • Modern overhead design
  • Aluminum casing and mounting poles


  • Tricky to switch between working modes
  • Motion lights don’t stay on for very long
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3. TBI Pro Outdoor Solar-Power Security Lights

This unit by TBI is one of the most powerful solar security lights on our review. The super-powerful solar lights have 216 LEDs that pump out 2,200 lumens. The adjustable lighting panels allow you to light up to an angle of 355°. With the bright white light, you will be able to illuminate most of your property with the two lighting units in the pack. Another excellent feature is the adjustable solar panel to ensure sunlight can charge the lights throughout the daytime.

These outdoor solar lights increase security around your property. The three lighting modes give you flexibility on how to illuminate your yard. As with all solar lighting, these units are easy to install and work off a renewable energy source.


  • Super-bright light at 2,200 lumens
  • Adjustable solar charging panel
  • Adjustable LED lighting panels
  • Huge 1,600 sq. ft. (670 m2) lighting area
  • Three working modes
  • Sensitive motion sensors


  • Maybe too bright for smaller properties
  • Difficult to mount under gutters
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4. MAXSA Innovations Solar Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light

The MAXSA outdoor solar security light has two spotlights, a motion sensor, and a detachable solar panel. One of this solar lighting unit’s useful features is its good motion detection—from up to 40 feet away. The two solar spotlights are fully adjustable, so you can point them where you need security illumination.

These security lights are easy to install for increased home security. The light only illuminates by the motion sensor, so you may need another solution if you require all-night illumination


  • Excellent motion sensors
  • Detachable solar panel
  • Low energy costs
  • Wide illumination


  • Not the best brightness
  • No “always-on” lighting function
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5. Aootek Led Solar Outdoor Security Motion Sensor Lights

Aootek solar security lights have 98 LEDs per light with excellent motion sensors and three lighting modes. The solar lights provide excellent home security thanks to the wide-angle illumination and bright solar lights. Compared to many similar solar lights, these security lights have a solar panel that charges at 20 percent efficiency—ideal for keeping the batteries fully charged.

One excellent feature of these outdoor solar security lights is the wide-angle of light. The lights produce bright light at a 120° angle helping to illuminate your home’s perimeter.


  • Excellent solar panel charging efficiency
  • Easy to install
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Three working modes
  • Durable construction for long-term use


  • Some users say they can be unreliable in freezing weather
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6. DrawGreen Outdoor Solar Security Lights

This solar security light by DrawGreen stays on from dusk until dawn without increasing electricity bills. The single spotlight produces 1,400 lumens up to 60 feet (18 m), making it ideal for outdoor home security. The adjustable solar light and solar panel means you get efficient charging and light in your yard exactly where you want it.

Some of this solar security light’s excellent features are its aluminum casing, replaceable battery, and super bright light. Also, the light stays on throughout the night and brightens up when it detects motion.


  • Weatherproof, aluminum construction means it works in all conditions
  • Bright light giving 1,400 lm
  • 120° motion sensor
  • Fast charging time
  • Four-year money-back guarantee
  • Adjustable to 360°


  •  Only one outdoor security light
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Reasons for Buying Solar Powered Security Lights

Installing outdoor solar security lights is the perfect way to increase security around your home without adding to electricity bills. Extra lighting helps deter would-be burglars and other unwanted visitors. Because solar security lighting costs nothing to run, you can have your yard illuminated all night long.

Using solar outdoor security lights also improves safety on your property. The motion sensors detect when anyone approaches. This feature helps to illuminate potential trip hazards.

Solar-powered lights are an excellent security solution when used in conjunction with other safety devices. For example, LED floodlights can switch on automatically and allow solar security cameras to start recording. If you have solar driveway alarms, you can see who’s approaching your property, even if it’s dark.

What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Solar Security Lights

Outdoor security lights only help make your property safer if you buy the right ones. What are the essential factors to consider before buying solar lights for your property? Here are a few tips on buying solar security lights:

  • Brightness—Solar light brightness is measured in lumens (lm). Approximately 1,500 lumens are the equivalent of a 100 W lightbulb. If you have a large property, you’ll need to buy the appropriate number of lights to illuminate your yard.
  • Working mode—Solar security lights have various lighting modes. Some of the cheaper units only switch on when they detect motion. Other security lights stay on throughout the night on a lower brightness and shine brighter when someone comes near.
  • Solar panel—Solar lighting in darkness requires that the batteries charge throughout the day. You should consider where you want to install the lights in relation to the sun. If you need to install lights on north-facing walls or under gutters, consider buying solar lights with a detachable solar panel.

The Advantages of Solar Powered Security Lights

Solar lighting has many advantages if you need a cost-effective security solution for your property. Apart from being free to use, solar security lights are virtually maintenance-free. They are also easy to install as no wiring is required. The best outdoor solar security lights regularly shine for many years before you need to replace the rechargeable batteries.

The Disadvantages of Buying Solar Powered Security Lights

The main disadvantages of solar lighting are dim lighting and poor charging in bad weather. Although solar power is free, lights can only operate if they’re fully charged. So, in bad weather or short winter days, the solar lights may not charge fully to work throughout the night.


Outdoor solar security lights are an ideal solution to boost security around your home. Solar lighting costs nothing to run, and you can easily install outdoor security lights where you need them. Some of the best solar security lights are just as powerful as ones that are wired to mains electricity.

From our review, we’ve found that the best outdoor solar-powered security light is the TBI Pro solar-power security light. This unit has a brightness of 2,200 lumens, which is equivalent to a 150 W light bulb. The lighting panels and solar panel are fully adjustable, so you can get illumination exactly where you require.