Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings

Best Solar Pond Lights-How to Light up your Garden Pond without Using Electricity

Solar pond lights are the perfect solution to illuminate your garden pond at night. Solar lights floating on the ponds surface or underwater solar lighting in the pond can enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space. The best thing about solar-powered pond lights is that they cost nothing to run.

It is straightforward to install and use solar lights on your pond. All solar lighting units have a small solar panel installed or a detached panel that attaches to submersed lighting. There is no wiring needed to install floating or submersed solar lights. So, there are no safety issues about having electricity near water.

8 Best Solar Pond Lights: Overview

ImageName of ProductRatingBest FeatureCheck Price
BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights 3.8Floating LED solar lights
solar pond light
Biling Solar Pond Spotlights 43 Spotlights
solar pond light
COODIA Solar Powered Underwater Pond Light 3.4Multicolored lighting
solar pond light
WisHomee Solar RGB Outdoor Pond Lights 4.2RGB LED lights
solar pond light
Beckett Corporation Solar Lily Pad Lights for Ponds4Authentic lily flowers
solar pond light
FEIFEIER Solar Pond Spotlights 3.8Low-cost
solar pond light
WONFAST Waterproof Colorful Solar Floating LED Lotus Light 3.6Lily flowers with pad
solar pond light
AquaHEX Solar-Powered Underwater Spotlight 4.4Suction caps for a firm grip
solar pond light

The best reason to use solar lights is that they are an Eco-friendly way of illuminating a pond. Solar panels harness the sun’s energy during the day, converting it into electrical current. This then charges batteries that power energy-efficient LED lights. The solar lights switch on as soon as it’s dusk and shine for many hours, enhancing your yard’s aesthetics in the dark.

Of course, you can use solar pond lights with any type of outdoor water feature. All the solar lights in this article are suitable for outdoor pools, fishponds, jacuzzi, fountains, or lakes.

Choosing the best type of solar-power pond light can be challenging. There are many different types of pond lights for sale, each with their pros and cons. In this review, we’ve examined eight of the best solar pond lights currently for sale. We hope that the information provided here helps you make an informed decision when buying solar lights for your pond.

The Best 8 Solar-Powered Pond Lights

1. BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights

These floating pond lights are perfect for creating various lighting effects on the pond’s surface. The LED lights are housed in a clear plastic ball. The solar panel on the top charges during the day, and the lights automatically turn on at dusk. These lights create a great ambiance to your pond as the colors gradually change.

These multi-purpose garden solar lights can also be used on dry land. There’s a convenient hook to hang from trees, or you can place the lights on tables or around your garden.


  • Add some fun and festivity to outdoor tubs, pools, and ponds
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Floats freely on the water’s surface
  • No leak risk
  • Shines for up to eight hours
  • Connect to multiple lights with the hole on the top


  • No remote control
  • Relatively small, about the size of a baseball
pond solar lights

2. Biling Solar Pond Spotlights

The three solar spotlights for garden pond illumination are well-made and have a long lifespan. This solar-powered lighting unit has a detachable large solar panel to maximize solar charging. The best thing about these solar spotlights is that you can submerge them in water or have them around your pond. The high-quality solar lights have two lighting modes to create the perfect ambiance.

One excellent feature of Biling solar pond lights is efficient charging. Once fully charged, the pond light will shine for up to 20 hours. The adjustable charging panel can also be placed in the best position to capture the sun’s rays.


  • Detachable solar panel
  • Submersible pond lights
  • Fully waterproof
  • Eight hours charging time
  • Warm white light
  • Easy to install


  • Some users complain that they leak
pond solar lights

3. COODIA Solar Powered Underwater Pond Light

These submersible solar pond lights are perfect for creating the right atmosphere around your garden pond. Three spotlights have four lighting modes that include red, green, blue, and combination lighting. Efficient solar charging is by the detachable panel that adjusts to a 180° angle for optimal charging capacity.

The COODIA solar pond lights are an excellent choice for underwater lighting. The energy-saving LED lights and long lifespan mean that you get value for money with this unit.


  • Four lighting modes with the three solar RGB LED lights
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • A separate solar panel that is adjustable to capture the sun’s energy
  • Six-foot cable to attach the solar panel to lights


  • Receives a large proportion of negative and positive reviews.
pond solar lights

4. WisHomee Solar RGB Outdoor Pond Lights

The three solar pond lights by WishHome are perfect for illumination around the edge of your garden pond. The solar lighting has two lighting modes—always on and gentle fade. Although these solar spotlights are not submersible, they are ideal for illuminating ponds or other garden features. The solar light unit also has a separate solar panel to place in an ideal location for sunlight. 

As with all solar pond lights on this list, the WisHomee solar lights come on in the evening and shine until morning.


  • Shines for around six hours on a full charge
  • IP65 waterproof
  • RGB LED lights
  • Two working modes
  • A long wire between solar panel and lights


  • Not submersible
pond solar lights

5. Beckett Corporation Solar Lily Pad Lights for Ponds

These stunning solar pond lights add beauty to your pond day and night. The three solar lights look like beautiful floating lily flowers during the day. When it gets dark, the solar lights automatically turn on to create a colorful ambient glow on your pond. The free-floating solar lily lights don’t require any wiring.

Each flower light has its own solar charging panel and LED light. The attractive solar-powered lights complement ponds, water gardens, fountains, and other garden water features.


  • Add to your pond’s beauty day and night
  • Float freely; no wiring required
  • Long-lasting
  • Authentic water lily flower look


  • Many not charge well if they float in shaded areas of your pond
pond solar lights

6. FEIFEIER Solar Pond Spotlights

The three solar pond spotlights by Feifeier are submersible lights suitable for pools, water gardens, fountains, and fishponds. These high-quality solar-powered lights shine when it’s dark and charge through the day. Thanks to the separate solar panel, you can optimize solar charging by installing the panel in a sunny location.

The solar pond lights are also ideal for installing anywhere in your backyard for nighttime illumination. The IP68 waterproof rating also means the solar-powered lights are perfect for installing underwater in ponds, pools, fishponds, and fountains.


  • Shines for up to twelve hours on a full charge
  • Spotlights are adjustable up to a 90° angle
  • The detachable solar panel can be installed in the ground or mounted on a wall
  • Long battery life
  • Adjustable spotlights and solar panel


  • Short cord length between the lights and solar panel
pond solar lights

7. WONFAST Waterproof Colorful Solar Floating LED Lotus Light

These solar-powered pond lights look like authentic lily flowers floating on a pond. The three attractive solar lights are connected to a lily pad that contains the solar charging panel. The solar lily lights float freely on ponds or pools, adding to your garden’s aesthetics during the day and night. Each solar LED light is a different color—red, green, and blue.

Easy-to-use solar pond lights switch on automatically when it becomes dark. The light will shine for up to 12 hours on a full eight-hour charge.


  • Attractive lights that look like lily flowers
  • Just switch on and let the solar pond lights float
  • Three colors
  • Has an authentic-looking lily pad


  • Charging is poor on overcast days
pond solar lights

8. AquaHEX Solar-Powered Underwater Spotlight

The solar pond light by AquaHEX is an ideal solution for underwater, outdoor solar lighting in your pond or pool. The high-quality solar light has safety glass, suction cups, and a practical design. The 3-Watt LED lights provide warm white light in your pond or garden water feature. There are also three lighting modes—high, medium, and low. So you can get the precise type of solar pond lighting you require.

The submersible solar lamp is small enough to be unobtrusive yet bright enough to illuminate small to medium ponds. The four heavy-duty suction cups allow you to place the light almost anywhere.


  • Bright, warm white light at 3,000 lumens
  • Small design
  • Detachable solar panel
  • The cord is 26 feet (8 m) long
  • Tempered glass for safety
  • Dimmer function


  • The suction cups are only useful for sticking to some surfaces
pond solar lights

What to Consider When Purchasing Solar Pond Lights for a Garden Pond

Installing solar pond lights is a great way to illuminate water features in the dark. However, for the solar-powered pond lights to be effective, it’s crucial to choose the right ones. Apart from being able to charge effectively, you need to consider what kind of lighting you require.

Here are two handy tips on choosing the right solar pond lights for your garden pond:

  • Type of solar pond lighting—First, it’s vital to know how you want to illuminate your garden pond. Some solar pond lights float on the water, whereas other solar-powered lights are submersible.
  • Solar panel—Good solar pond lights should have a solar panel that charges efficiently. Look for pond spotlights that have detachable solar panel as this allows you to place the panel where it gets the most sunlight.