Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings

What are the Best Solar Stake Lights

So, you want to bring some beauty and brightness to your garden with solar stake lights? Great idea! But how do you know which solar garden stake lights you should get? Decorating your garden with solar lights is a great option. Solar Stake Lights brighten up the garden with a lot of different styles and different colors.

That’s where this overview of the best solar-powered garden stake lights comes in. There are thousands of different designs and many different types to consider.

Quick overview of the Best Solar Stake Lights

ImageProduct NameRatingBest FeatureHow many in a pack?Check Price
GIGALUMI Solar Stake Lights5/5Very Durable8 Pack
Stake Solar Lights
SUNNEST Solar Garden Lights Outdoor5/5Quality Material12 Pack
Stake Solar Lights
Wohome Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Lights4.5/5Beautiful Design3 Pack
Stake Solar Lights
MIXBIRLY Solar Garden Lights4/5Multi-colour settings4 Pack
Stake Solar Lights
Shinar Solar Lights Warmwhite4/5Bright light6 Pack
Stake Solar Lights
Gold Armour Flickering Flames Solar Torch Lights4/5Charming dancing flame light4 Pack
Stake Solar Lights
TAKE ME Solar Pathway Light3.5/5Stylish design2 Pack
Stake Solar Lights
Wosports Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Stake3.5/5Colourful flower designs3 Pack
Stake Solar Lights

Best Solar Powered Stake Light Reviews

1 – GIGALUMI Solar Stake Lights

Topping this list are the solar garden stake lights from the well-known brand GIGALUMI. This company is considered one of the best when it comes to solar lights for your garden or outdoor space.

These stake lights are incredibly compact and super easy to install, yet they do produce a very good amount of light. This makes them such a great mainstream choice.

You simply spike them into the ground and that’s it. No cables, no mounting, and no tools needed. They are the perfect solution to light your pathways or highlight a piece in your garden.

Since the disk lies flat on the ground with the stake inside the ground, so you don’t have to worry about it blowing over by the wind or someone walking into it.

All in all, the GIGALUMI solar garden lights are the best multipurpose stake lights on the market today.


  • Incredibly easy to install
  • When in position these lights will not create a tripping hazard because they remain flush to the ground.
  • Weatherproof


  • Not the most exciting design, so not the best for decorative purposes
Stake Solar Lights

2 – SUNNEST Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

Another solid choice that fits many different purposes. You can use the SUNNEST solar garden stake lights to light a pathway, your driveway, or any other spot in your garden.

The design is quite minimalist yet elegant. These lights are made from stainless steel which makes them incredibly sturdy and durable.

They produce a warm white light, which subtly adds brightness without them blinding you as you walk past.


  • Sturdy due to stainless steel material
  • Warm white light


  • Minimalist design makes them quite plain
Stake Solar Lights

3 – Wohome Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Lights

Whereas the first two lights on this list are very functional, these lights are clearly decorative.

The Wohome outdoor solar garden stake lights come in a 3 pack of 4 colorful flowers (lilies) each. Their colors change which makes for a beautiful and playful addition to your outdoor space.


  • Beautiful design
  • Multi-colour changing lights


  • Bold and unique style means they only fit a certain aesthetic
Stake Solar Lights

4 – MIXBIRLY Solar Garden Lights

These lights are very similar to the first lights on this list. Similarly, they consist only of a disk, which contains both the lights and the solar panels, and a stake at the bottom.

This means you get the same perks as with the GIGALUMI lights. Easy installation and weather and foolproof design making them great for functionality.

As a bonus, these lights have different color settings.


  • Easy to install without cables or tools
  • Multi-colour settings


  • Not the most high-quality material for durability
Stake Solar Lights

5 – Shinar Solar Lights Warmwhite

The Shinar solar lights are a favorite for lighting pathways and driveways. These simple yet elegant torches produce a bright warm white light.

Installation is easy as you just place the stakes in the ground. The solar panel is on top of the lantern.

These solar lights are made of plastic, which makes them slightly less sturdy than some of the other lights on this list. Nevertheless, they are still a great addition to any garden design!


  • Perfect for pathways and driveways
  • Easy installation


  • Made from plastic
Stake Solar Lights

6 – Gold Armour Flickering Flames Solar Torch Lights

These charming flames from Gold Armour are probably the most aesthetically pleasing solar stake lights on this list. If you want to bring some romance and atmosphere to your outdoor space, these are your best bet.

The torches give a dancing flame effect with a soft and subtle light. The material is waterproof and incredibly durable, certified to IP65. An extra feature of these garden lights is that you can easily adjust the height, depending on your needs.


  • Charming flickering flames to create the perfect ambience
  • Adjustable height means you can fit them to your needs
  • IP65 certified


  • Light is not that bright so not ideal for driveways or pathways
Stake Solar Lights

7 – TAKE ME Solar Pathway Light

From one elegant solution to another. The TAKE ME solar pathway lights are truly unique in their design, making them stand out from the competition.

These lights are great if you’re thinking of going with a One Thousand and One Nights type of theme for your garden. They are made from metal, which means they’re incredibly durable and sturdy.


  • Beautiful Middle-Eastern style design
  • Made from metal


  • Not the brightest
Stake Solar Lights

8 – WOSPORTS Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Stake

Last but not least is another set of solar-powered flowers for your garden. The WOSPORTS solar outdoor garden lights are bound to brighten up your outdoor space. Each bunch of flowers contains for beautifully-lit flowers.

The biggest downside of these solar lights compared to others on this list is that the stylish design means they’re a bit less weatherproof than some competitors. Nevertheless, they are still a great addition to any garden.


  • Pretty flower design
  • Multi-colour


  • Not as sturdy as other solar lights
Stake Solar Lights

Things to consider before purchasing Solar Stake Lights

Here are just some thoughts you may want to consider before making your final decision, hopefully it helps.

Ask yourself this: For what purpose do I want to buy solar garden stake lights?

Do you want to light up your driveway or a pathway in your garden, so you can see where you’re going at night? Then you probably want to look for solar stake lights that shine brightly, like number five on this list, by Shinar.

But if you want to create a romantic, cosy retreat in your backyard these same bright lights will definitely ruin the mood. For a setting like this, you want to go with something more elegant instead, like the Gold Armour flickering flames (number six on this list).

Other factors and features to consider before purchasing outdoor solar lights are the types of material the lights are made of, whether they’re weatherproof, and how long the battery lasts.


All the solar garden stake lights mentioned in this article are manufactured by reputable, well-known companies. This means that no matter your choice, you’re sure to end up with a great product.

So why not brighten up your garden today with one of these solar stake lights?