Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings

How to Hang Solar Lights Around Your Garden

Hanging solar lights around your garden is a fun, cheap, and environmentally friendly way of bringing brightness and ambience to your outdoor space. Solar lights, like fairy and string lights, are incredibly easy to install and don’t require any maintenance, but you do need to decide where you want to place them first.

For example, you can hang solar lights between trees in your garden. Another way is to mount them to a wall instead. When it comes to hanging solar garden lights your options are endless. And without a bit of inspiration and planning, deciding where to hang them will be a stab in the dark.

That’s where this quick guide to hanging solar lights comes in. Below, you’ll find out what different options you have for hanging lights around your garden. You’ll also learn how to mount solar wall lights yourself (no worries, it’s really easy!), and how you can use solar garden lights to decorate your outdoor areas.

Ready to bring some brightness to your garden?

Different Options for Hanging Solar Lights around your Garden

Solar lights are more popular than ever, which also means there are new and different designs available every day. With so much choice, it can be difficult to decide which solar lights are best for you and your outdoor space.

That said, when it comes to hanging solar lights in your garden, you want to be looking for specific types of solar garden lights. Here are three of the most common types of solar lights to hang up around your outdoor space.

Solar string lights

Good chance these were the first type of solar lights you were thinking of. Solar string lights are probably the best option for hanging solar lights in your garden.

Sometimes called fairy lights or twinkle lights, these string lights come in many different designs. You can get large light bulbs, tiny lights like Christmas decorations, or even something like these Moroccan Ball Multicolor Solar String Lights

Whatever your preferred design, solar string lights consist of a cable with separate lights attached to it. Since they are solar-powered, you do not need to bother with any wiring to a power source.

This makes these string lights a great solution if you’re planning to hang solar lights in your garden. You can easily wrap them around a tree, hang them from one end of your patio to the other, or have them dangling off your fence or wall.

Solar lanterns

If you don’t want to have a string of lights but rather a few separate hanging solar garden lights then lanterns might be the best option for you.

Many solar lanterns have a metal handle at the top, which makes them easy and practical to hang in your garden. You can just hang them from the branch of a tree or with a single nail to a garden structure or fence. Some solar lanterns come with a shepherd’s hook to hang them on.

Hanging solar lights

Solar wall lights

Solar wall lights often come in the design of a lantern. The difference with the previous type, however, is that you have to mount solar wall lights to your wall (or other structure).

So how do you mount solar wall lights?

Well, these solar lights tend to require a bit more work than the other types of hanging solar lights because you often have to drill a hole or two in your wall.

That said, most of these solar wall lights, especially if you buy them from a reputable manufacturer, will come with an easy-to-understand instruction manual plus the necessary material to mount them to your wall.

And remember, the beauty of solar lights is that once you’ve installed them, you don’t have to worry about any type of maintenance. So, it’s really just the installation that may take a bit of time.

Ideas for Decorating your Outdoor Areas with Solar Lights

Now you know which types of solar lights to look for, you need some inspiration as to how to hang solar lights in your garden for the desired effect. Here are a few ideas to decorate your outdoor areas using solar-powered lights.

Brighten up your dining area

A great place to start is your outdoor dining area. Just hang some strands of string lights above your dining table to create a romantic outdoor dining experience. It’s like being on holiday, and great for dinner parties as well!

Use those big trees

If you have a large tree in your garden you can grab a ladder and wrap some string lights around it. Then drape those lights all the way over to the roof of your house to light up your whole backyard.

Create the perfect patio

If you have a covered patio you can easily hang solar lights from corner to corner. The lights will be nicely aligned for a structured look to highlight your outdoor seating area.

Use freestanding poles

Solar Hanging Lantern

This is especially handy if you don’t have a decent spot in your garden to attach your solar lights to. You can either place poles in the ground or use a pole with a (cement) weight at the bottom to keep it in its place.

Simply connect the poles by hanging solar lights from the tops. You can use as many poles as you like in whatever pattern you want, from two poles to cover an outdoor table to four connected poles around your fire pit or hot tub!

Of course, these poles aren’t always that aesthetically pleasing. Instead, why not use a potted plant as the base, or grow climbing plants to cover the pole.

Light the wall for a beautiful backdrop

Depending on your wall, you can either decide to hang a string light in front of it or go with specific solar wall lights. Attaching a few classically-styled solar lanterns to the wall behind your outdoor sofa can make for a brilliant backdrop.

Enjoy your Hanging Solar Lights!

Solar lights can turn your once dull garden into a real-life movie set. If you pick the right type of lights and hang them in the right places, you can transform your outdoor space into something a landscape architect would be proud of.

Just keep these tips and ideas in mind when you start to design your outdoor areas. You’ll quickly realize how easy and fun hanging solar lights in your garden is!