Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings

10 Best Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights

There are many types of solar-powered lights suitable for Christmas time. Some are solar string lights with small LED lamps dangling from them. Others are weatherproof rope lights that can be shaped into various forms. Or, if you want something different, there are festive lantern-type lamps. Additionally, Christmas lights can be in the shape of snowflakes, angels, stars, and more.

Summary Of the 10 Best Solar Christmas Lights

ImageProductRatingBest FeatureLengthLEDsPrice
AMIR Solar Powered Christmas LED Lights4.0Warm light long length33/10100
solar Xmas Lights
Qedertek Christmas Solar String Lights3.7Flower-shaped LED lights2150
solar Xmas Lights
WONFAST LED Solar Christmas Outdoor Lighting3.4Rope design for improved lighting39/12100
solar Xmas Lights
longdafeiUS Dimmable Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights3.6Long length flexible tube lighting39/12100
solar Xmas Lights
Inngree Solar Christmas String Lights4.1LED lamps in the shape of snowflakes20/630
solar Xmas Lights
LETTON Solar String Christmas Holiday4.3Ball-shaped Xmas lights21/6.530
solar Xmas Lights
Bripower Garden Solar Christmas Lights3.9Globular-shaped Christmas lights24/750
solar Xmas Lights
Kolpop Waterproof Solar Christmas Lights 4.5Super long string celebration lights79/24240
solar Xmas Lights
Beswill LED Strip Light Christmas3.7Super bright strip LED lighting16/5100
solar Xmas Lights
GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Mason Jar Festive Christmas Lights 4.5Super long string celebration lights30
solar Xmas Lights

The wide variety of solar lights for Christmas time is tremendous. So, choosing the best ones for the holiday season is challenging. We have picked the top ten solar-powered lights for your garden. Our unbiased review examines the effectiveness of the solar lighting and also the pros and cons of each one.

In-Depth Look at Solar Powered Christmas Lights

1. AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Christmas Lights

These string Christmas LED solar lights have 100 brilliant LED lights that produce warm, bright light. Ideal for illuminating patios, gardens, yards, or homes during any festive time. The high-quality flexible copper wire means that you can easily shape the lights. You can wrap them around trees, string along fences, or hang over tree branches.

The string LED lamps are a total of 33 ft. and have an IP65 waterproof rating. They will withstand rain, hail, snow, and other harsh winter conditions.


  • Charge during the day and automatically switch on at night
  • 100 LED solar-powered bulbs
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Multiple-use, not just at Christmas time


  • Require a few hours of direct sunshine daily to charge fully
  • Some users say the batteries are of low quality
Christmas Lights

2. Qedertek Christmas Solar String Lights

If you’re looking for fancy, decorative solar lights for illuminating your garden at Xmas, then these string lights are ideal. Shaped like small flowers, the 50 LED lamps give out a bright, yet warm glow. One of the advantages of these festive lights is that there are eight lighting modes. So, you can add many different lighting effects to your home, garden, patio, or deck area.

These solar-powered string lights are suitable for indoor or outdoor use in all types of winter weather. The cable length is 21 ft. and there is a 6.5 ft. lead cable for the lights.


  • Suitable for year-long use indoors or outdoors
  • Eight lighting modes
  • Backup batteries if solar power fails
  • Weatherproof rated at IP65


  • The lights receive mixed reviews on Amazon
  • The solar-powered batteries could be better
Christmas Lights

3. WONFAST Solar Rope String Christmas Lights

Efficient solar-charging Christmas lights to string lighting around trees, homes, animal shapes, or patios. The super-bright LEDs will provide excellent lighting during the darkest of winter evenings and nights. The two lighting modes have a steady-on mode and a flashing one. The string lighting has 100 LED lamps enclosed in a plastic rope-type lighting system. The efficient solar panel charges during the day and switches on at night.

The outdoor Xmas garden lights are fully water-resistant and weatherproof to ratings of IP65 and IP44. The diffusion of light through the clear plastic tubing gives the impression there are more than 100 LEDs.


  • Long 39 ft. length with 100 LEDs
  • Tube style lighting illuminates yard more effectively than string lights
  • Easy to install and use
  • Up to 8 hours light in steady mode


  • The solar panel doesn’t charge well on overcast days
  • Limited lighting modes
Christmas Lights

4. longdafeiUS Dimmable Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights

This tube LED lighting produces brilliant blue light to brighten up gardens during the festive time. The high-quality, solar-powered Christmas lights take eight hours to charge and then shine for up to eight hours. The solar panel also has a battery backup in case there wasn’t sufficient sunlight. Place the solar panel in the sunniest spot in your yard. Easy to set up and install.

The solar-powered rope lighting is rated at IP65 and IP 44 for safety outdoors in the rain, snow, and harsh weather conditions. The solar panel can be mounted on walls, fences, or in the ground.


  • 39 ft. rope lighting with 100 LEDs
  • Provide bright light in gardens
  • Flexible copper wiring allows wrapping the rope lights around objects and Christmas trees
  • Battery backup


  • Some users say that the solar panel doesn’t charge well on cloudy days
Christmas Lights

5. Inngree Solar Christmas String Lights

Get into the festive spirit with these snowflake-shaped Christmas lights for outdoor garden parties. The lights are multicolored to decorate your home or yard in blue, green, yellow, and pink hues. Although the LED lamps are small, they provide excellent light for their size. Eight different lighting modes will help you achieve the lighting effects you want during winter.

These high-performance solar lights are fully weatherproof. The string lights are 20 ft. in length and contain 30 LED lamps.


  • Super-bright LEDs
  • Interesting snowflake design
  • Eight light modes, including waves, slow-glow, chasing, fade, steady-on
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • The lights are tiny, so although bright, don’t provide a lot of illumination
  • Some users say the charge only lasts for an hour or so
Christmas Lights

6. LETTON Solar String Christmas Holiday Lights Waterproof

These pretty crystal LED ball lights are excellent for hanging off Christmas trees, decorating fences, or lighting up a patio. The lights are multicolored and have a sparkling appearance like the sun glinting off snow. These solar Christmas lights have eight lighting modes to create the lighting effect you desire during the holiday celebrations. Mount the solar panel in the ground or on a wall—wherever it gets the most sun.

Fully weatherproof with an IP65 rating. Each crystal ball light is 1 inch across, and their various colors enhance garden features.


  • Crystal ball light on string-type wiring
  • Multicolor lighting effect with flashing, wave, fading, and steady-on modes
  • Automatically switches on at dusk
  • Many users rate these lamps as good value for money


  • Short length compared to other Christmas lights
Christmas Lights

7. Bripower Garden Solar Christmas Decoration Lights

Another type of globe solar LED lights for Christmas is this product by Bripower. The ball-style lamps produce warm white light from dusk until dawn. The manufacturers claim that the solar panel charges efficiently, even on cloudy days. To enhance your garden during the winter holidays, the lamps have eight lighting modes. Suitable for hanging from trees, along the eves of your home, around gazebos, or deck areas.

The 24 ft. cord lighting contains 50 LED globular-shaped lamps.


  • Long-lasting lighting after a full charge
  • Built-in memory saves your last lighting mode
  • Eight lighting modes, including waves, flashing, slow fade, combination, and always-on
  • Warm white light


  • The wire is quite thin and breaks easily
  • User report that it has poor charging capabilities
Christmas Lights

8. Kolpop Waterproof Solar Christmas Lights

These fairy lights are ideal for is you want to have Christmas lights but are on a budget. The string lights have a whopping 240 small LEDs that you can use to wrap around posts or decorate a giant Christmas tree. Install the solar panel in the sunniest spot in your yard for the best results. A full day charging in the sun provides up to eight hours light.

Certified at a waterproof rating of IP64, these Xmas lights are suitable for outdoors in rain and snow. Two lighting modes—flashing and always-on.


  • Low-cost lighting solution for the winter holiday season
  • 240 LED lights on a 79 ft. wire
  • Small and unobtrusive lights


  • Not all that impressive for lighting effects
  • Only two lighting modes
  • LED bulbs are extremely small
Christmas Lights

9. BIswell LED Strip Light Waterproof Outdoor Christmas Parties

These strip LED lights are designed to create a permanent feature in your yard. The lighting strips are attached by 3M tape, and the 100 LED lamps produce super bright light. Once installed, you never have to worry about fancy lighting in your yard again. The small solar panel charges during the day to provide up to eight hours of light when the light fades in the evening.

The strip Christmas lights are suitable for all occasions and all types of weather. They are rated at IP65, so there are no issues about harsh winter conditions. You can also cut the strip lighting to customize lighting for your yard.


  • High-quality design with excellent heat dissipation
  • Two lighting modes
  • Permanent installation for year-long garden lighting
  • Buy multiple strips and join together to light up all areas around your garden


  • Not ideal for hanging from trees or wrapping around posts
Christmas Lights

10. GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Mason Jar Festive Christmas Lights

These solar-powered mason jars are some of the most unusual Christmas lights you’ll find. Each jar has an individual solar panel on the top, and the glass jar is filled with small LED string lights. The jars are not connected to each other, so you can hang them wherever you want in your garden. The only restriction is that you have to hang them where they get plenty of light.

Each pack contains six jars with 10 LED fairy lights inside. Suitable for all types of weather.


  • Hang wherever you want in your garden
  • Individual solar panel in each lid
  • Some of the most unusual Christmas lights you will get


  • Only one lighting mode
  • It can be challenging to find suitable places where they get enough sun
  • Costly if you need to illuminate a large area of the garden
Christmas Lights

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights

Do Solar Outdoor Christmas lights work well?

Solar-powered Christmas lights are an excellent solution for festive yard lighting. They cost nothing to run because the solar panel absorbs the sun’s rays, recharging the battery. Solar Christmas lights are easy to install and use. Many also have various lighting modes depending on your requirements.

Where to position the solar panel to get the best charge?

The best place in your yard to put a solar panel is in a south-facing position. This position ensures that the panel gets direct sunlight for most of the day. Also, your solar-panel should be at a 30- to a 40-degree angle. This is especially necessary for Christmas lights as the winter sun is lower in the sky.

What if there isn’t enough sunlight to charge the battery?

Charging solar garden lights, especially in winter, can be challenging. Some high-quality solar LED lights have a battery backup to power up if the sunlight is inadequate. You can also charge solar panels indoors; however, that can take a long time.

What to do if my solar lights aren’t working?

There are several reasons why solar lights can stop working or don’t turn on at all. First of all, check all connections and wipe the solar panel to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Then, cover the panel completely to mimic darkness to see if the lights turn on.

You could also try switching off the panel and letting it charge for a few days to see if that helps. However, you may need to contact the supplier if all else fails.

Best way to store my Christmas Lights to prevent them from becoming tangled?

The easiest way to prevent Christmas lights from tangling is to use a cord reel. However, an easy way to stop Christmas light from becoming a tangled mess is to wrap them around a coat hanger.

Another way is to store festive lights is to use a piece of stiff cardboard. Cut notches along opposite ends and then wrap the string lights around. This helps ensure that you don’t lose the festive spirit next year when you come to unwrap your Christmas lights.


Illuminating your yard with Christmas lights is a great way to enjoy the festive time. During the dark December evenings, LED string lights can help bring some joy, happiness, and fun. You can use solar LED Christmas lights to decorate a Christmas tree, put rope lights around your home, or lighten up your garden.

One of the advantages of choosing the best solar outdoor Christmas lights is that they are environmentally-friendly. The solar panel charges during the daytime, and then the Xmas lights switch on automatically at dusk. Apart from saving on your energy bills, using solar lights in your yard at Christmas is a great way to spread festive joy.