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7 Best Solar Fence Post Lights

The best solar fence post lights are the most cost-effective solution to light up your driveway and yard. These lights are easy to install and don’t require any wiring. You can use these lights on fence posts to increase security and safety on your property or highlight garden landscape features. Choosing the best solar lights which feature Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) to light up any outdoor spaces will ensure that they last for many years—lighting up your garden in any type of weather.

Summary of Outdoor Solar Fence Lights

ImageProductFeaturesLumensCheck Price
Greluna Solar Fence Post LightsChoice of Colors and attractive designs10
 Solar Driveway Lights
iGlow Outdoor LED Solar Panel Fence LightsLED lights that sit on the top of fence posts20
 Solar Driveway Lights
Othway Solar Lights for Fence PostsFancy Honey Comb Lens
 Solar Driveway Lights
Sezac Motion Sensor Solar Fence Post LightsThey have three modes including a Motion Sensor
 Solar Driveway Lights
Davinci Solar Post Lights Warm White LEDMade from industrial strength material15
 Solar Driveway Lights
Gigalumi Solar Fence and Post Solar LightsMade from high quality materials8
 Solar Driveway Lights
LeiDrail Solar Outdoor Lights for Fence PostsModern Design
 Solar Driveway Lights

Let’s look in detail at the Best Solar Lights with LED’s suitable to mount on Fence Posts.

To help make your choice easier, we have compared the features of the top seven solar fence post lights currently on the market. By comparing the features of different types of solar lights you will find out what best suits your garden lighting needs. At the end of the review, you will find answers to many questions about using solar-powered lights in your yard.

1. Greluna Solar Fence and Deck Post Lights

Greluna solar lights are one of the top picks when it comes to illuminating your yard at night. The easy to install, attractive solar lights are ideal for installing on fence posts. The solar lights have two lighting modes—warm white and colored. The possibility to change the color allows you to illuminate your yard in various colors depending on the season or celebration. The pack comes with eight water and heat resistant lighting units.

The Solar Lights LED charge throughout the day and will shine for up to 10 hours at night. There is no motion sensor on the lights, so they switch on when its dusk and switch off at dawn. The durable lights are made from high-quality ABS material. Apart from mounting the units on fence posts, the solar LEDs can also be installed at the front door, on walls, stairs, or decks.


  • Easy to install with no wiring needed
  • Choice of colors to suit the occasion
  • Attractive design to suit most garden landscaped
  • Provides 10 lumens of light
  • 1.2v 600mah Ni-CD rechargeable battery


  • Design is not too robust
  • Battery life could be better
Solar Fence Lights

2. iGlow Outdoor LED Solar Panel Fence Lights

iGlow produce a range of solar LED lights that sit on the top of fence posts. The four lights in the pack are in a vintage design with a brushed bronze effect. As with all solar garden lights, there is no wiring needed to install these attractive units. All you need to do is attach the solar-powered lights to the top of a fence post. The clear glass lens allows the maximum amount of light to shine, and they have a 360° range.

The solar panel sits on the top of these lighting units. This location allows for optimal charging, even on overcast days, as the charging panel will never be in the shade caused by the fence. One attractive feature is the light patterns created from the bright white light through the clear lens. The LED lights are housed in a PVC vinyl casing.


  • All fence post attachments are included
  • Improved solar charging performance
  • Gives 20 lumens of light
  • 3.2v rechargeable battery


  • Some users say the bronze colors fade quickly and the units have a cheap feel
Solar Fence Lights

3. Othway Solar Lights for Fence Posts

Othway is a high-quality brand when it comes to creating decorative garden lights. These fence post solar lights have an attractive, unobtrusive design for a low-cost price. The pack of four solar lighting units are made from durable plastic and can be quickly installed on posts, fences, walls, or decks. The unique honeycomb design emits dappled light that does a good job of providing illumination along a fence.

These solar fence post lighting units are made from heavy-duty plastic that is fully weatherproof. The built-in sensor automatically switches on when the light fades in the evening. The rechargeable batteries take up to five hours to charge and shine for two to five hours at night. There is a choice of white or black to compliment your garden landscape designs. The type of light emitted is described as warm white.


  • Affordable solar lights to suit any budget
  • Fast installation
  • Fancy art deco design with honeycomb lens
  • On/Off switch and automatic lighting
  • Completely weatherproof to withstand water, heat, and cold


  • Plastic components need to be handled with care
  • Battery life and brightness could be better
Solar Fence Lights

4. Sezac Motion Sensor Solar Fence Post Lights

These solar-powered fence post lights are some of the best in this review. These units are one of the few that have three lighting modes that include a motion sensor. The light from these stylish units has 150° directional lighting and motion detection. The other two lighting modes are low-light for extended use or bright light. The efficient solar panel charges even in overcast conditions. It takes between eight and ten hours of sunshine to charge, and they will shine for most of the night.

The bright white light is provided by 50 LEDs that give these units a great range. You can also attach these high-quality solar lights to decks, posts, walls, fences, and patios. As with all types of solar-powered garden lights, these units are easy to install using adhesive tape or screws. You can choose these solar lights if you need to illuminate a large area along a fence or to increase security.


  • 150° wide angle of motion detection and illumination
  • Three operational modes
  • High-efficiency solar charging panel
  • Bright light
  • A best-selling product that consistently receives good reviews
  • Waterproof IP65


  • The bright light may be too bright for some uses
Solar Fence Lights

5. Davinci Solar Post Cap Lights Warm White LED

The Davinci solar-powered post caps are an excellent Eco-friendly lighting solution for yards. These lighting units have an attractive design with a matte finish that makes then aesthetically appealing. The two bright LEDs produce warm white light with brightness up to 15 lumens. The highly efficient solar panels charge during the day, and then the lights automatically turn on at night. You can expect up to eight hours of light when they are fully charged.

The fence post solar lights are suitable for posts that are 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 inches. You can also install the lights on a table, deck, patio, or floors. The PVC casing is from industrial-strength material and won’t fade like some of the cheaper solar fence post lights. As a safety feature, the lens is made from hardened glass to make this unit strong, durable, and worth the cost.


  • Environmentally-friendly solar lighting that is easy to install
  • 15 lumens of warm white light for up to eight hours
  • High capacity 3.2v lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • UV fade protection
  • Low-cost but high quality


  • Charging efficiency is weather-dependent
  • Only two units in a pack

Solar Fence Lights

6. Gigalumi Solar Fence Lights

These solar fence post lights by Gigalumi provide warm light that have an attractive glow to illuminate your yard. The bright light is produced by six LEDs in each unit. These emit a soft, warm effect thanks to the frosted lens on these stylish lights. Apart from installing these solar lights on fence posts, you can mount them on patios, stairs, deck, porches, and along pathways. This is also a cost-effective lighting solution because you get four solar lights for a great price.

Each unit is made from high-quality ABS plastic and completely waterproof. The durable design will withstand the harshest of weather conditions—rain, snow, hail, and blazing hot sun. There is no motion sensor on the solar lights. However, after charging up during the day, they automatically turn on at dusk and switch off at dawn.


  • Retro design made from high-quality, durable materials
  • Upgraded highly-efficient solar charging panel
  • Eight lumens
  • Not so bright that it disturbs neighbors
  • Fast charging time


  • The brightness may not be adequate for many yards
  • Contains mixed reviews on Amazon
Solar Fence Lights

7. LeiDrail Solar Outdoor Lights for Deck Fence

These solar garden Deck lights provide warm amber lighting that will shine the whole night. The efficient solar panel takes only six hours to charge in direct sunlight. Once fully charged, the lighting units provide free light up to eight hours during the night. The stylish design of each unit will add a touch of character to your garden landscape. Also, the unit is a downlight design that gives off warm light to create attractive lighting effects along any fence or wall.

One of the attractive features of these solar post lights is the rounded design. The units feature a seamless combination of metal and plastic. They are one of the most attractive units in this review. The IP55 weatherproof lighting unit withstands hot sun, freezing snow, and harsh rain.


  • Warm light from this modern dome-shaped solar LED light
  • Four LEDs in each lighting unit
  • Well-made and durable
  • Can shine for up to 10 hours after being fully charged
  • Works well under all weather conditions
  • Good charging even when there is no direct sunlight


  • The warm light is too orange for some users
Solar Fence Lights

Choosing the Best Solar Lights for Fences

There are many types of solar post lights to choose from. So, deciding on which ones are a good fit for your needs is a challenge. Some types of lights sit on the top of the posts, whereas others are mounted on the side of fences. The wall-mounted type of solar lights are not just for fence posts—they can be mounted on any vertical surface.

Important Factors to Consider

When choosing the right solar post lights, there are a few factors to take into consideration. For example, you need to consider brightness, design, charging efficiency, and type of light—bright white or soft warm. It is also important to consider where to place your light. For example, solar driveway lights charge best in full sun. So, if the charging panel is in constant shade, you will not get as much light at night as you expected.

Tips on what to consider when choosing Solar Fence Lights

First, it’s important to realize that the best type of solar LED lights to install on fences are the ones best suited to your needs. So, it’s important to know why you need them. For example, if you require bright light for security and safety on your property, you should choose a bright solar light. However, if you want to buy solar lighting to improve aesthetics, then a unit that has soft, warm light is the best option.

Can Solar-Powered Lights stay outside all year round?

Solar LED lights for garden use are designed to be permanently installed. This means that you can leave them outside all year round. The fact that solar garden lights don’t have wires and are easy to install, makes them a perfect solution for outdoor lighting. Also, solar lights constantly charge throughout the day and then automatically switch on at night. The best solar LED lights will last outdoors for many years.

Will solar lights remain on all night?

All types of solar lights for fence posts, patios, driveways, and porches are designed to work all night. However, the length of charging time and brightness of sunlight affect how long they shine for. Also, low-capacity batteries may not hold enough charge to last through the night. For example, if there have been many days of poor sunlight, the solar panels can’t charge the batteries properly. This can mean that the lights may shine for a short time or not even come on at all. The best solar panel lights have highly efficient charging panels that work well, even in overcast conditions.

Do solar lights need sunlight or just light?

Generally, solar lights need at least six hours of sunlight to charge fully. However, any kind of light will charge solar-powered lights—just not as effectively as direct sunlight shining on the solar panels.

Can I use normal batteries or special batteries?

Although not recommended, you can use standard alkaline batteries in solar lights. However, the battery life won’t last very long—a week at the most. So, most solar light manufactures say that you can’t use normal batteries in solar units. 

Solar lighting uses rechargeable NiMH or NiCd batteries. Depending on the battery capacity, the charging time may take between six and eight hours. After fully charging, solar lights will shine between six and ten hours. However, the actual time they shine for depends on the amount of sunlight during the day and voltage of the battery.

How do you charge solar lights for the first time?

Most solar light manufacturers recommend charging the solar lights fully before using them. To charge them, you need to place them in direct sunlight for ten hours. After five to ten cycles of fully charging in the day and discharging at night, the solar light should be working at full capacity.