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5 Best Solar Powered Lights for Gutters

Solar-powered gutter lights are the best solution to illuminate the exterior of your home. The best ones have built-in motion sensors that light up when someone comes near to your property. These solar-powered lights improve security and safety as well as adding to the aesthetic look of your home.

The Top 5 Solar-Powered Lighting Units for Gutters

NameFeaturesLumensCheck Price
InnoGear Solar Powered Gutter Lights for SecurityMotion Sensor450
Solar Motion Gutter Lights
Sunenvoy Solar-Powered Night Lights Outdoor Security Motion Sensor800
Solar Motion Gutter Lights
Anmaker Solar-Powered Gutter Wall and Eves Lights Motion Sensor280
Solar Motion Gutter Lights
JSOT Clip-On Solar Gutter-Mounted LightsLight lasts longer
Solar Motion Gutter Lights
ROSHWEY Solar Gutter Outdoor Lights
Super Bright200
Solar Motion Gutter Lights

Here we compare the Best 5 Solar Gutter Lights

1. InnoGear Solar Powered Gutter Lights for Security

The first unit on our review is the super-bright gutter lights by InnoGear. These wall-mounted solar units have a mounting pole to allow them to extend beyond gutters. This allows full solar charging throughout the day.

This highly-recommended unit has 4 types of working modes that include 2 levels of ‘always on’ and 2 motion sensor mode settings. The efficient monocrystalline solar panel quickly charges the 2600mAh lithium batteries to provide uninterrupted outdoor illumination.


  • Stylish design with super bright 36 LEDs providing 450 lumens
  • Stay dim to conserve energy when no motion is detected
  • Wide 16-ft. (5-m) motion range
solar gutter Lights

2. Sunenvoy Solar-Powered Night Lights Outdoor

If you need to illuminate a wide area around your home, then the Sunenvoy solar lights are a perfect choice. They can be mounted just under gutters and the solar panel can adjusted up to 45° to catch the sun’s energy. Each unit has 3 sets of LED outdoor lights that can rotate up to 360°.

The solar-powered night lights detect motion up to 26 ft (8 m) and also has an ‘always on’ mode. The illumination power is also quite impressive with each unit providing up to 800 lumens.


  • Multi-rotatable design up to 360° and illumination on 3 sides
  • Motion detectors up to 26 ft. (8 m) away
  • High-quality solar panel with 2000mAh batteries
  • 800 lumens
solar gutter Lights

3. Anmaker Solar-Powered Gutter Wall and Eves Lights

These high-quality wall-mounted gutter lights by Anmaker are great compact units that plenty of light even in the darkest of evenings. The 1200mAh solar-powered battery provides for up to 60 hours of continuous light and is completely waterproof.

Even though these are a compact unit, they represent good value for money as they provide up to 280 lumens. The adjustable units can be mounted under eves, over porches or decks, above doors, or around the perimeter of your home.


  • Compact unit with easy multi-angle mounting
  • An efficient charging solar panel that works in low-light conditions
  • 280 lumens
solar gutter Lights

4. JSOT Clip-On Solar Gutter-Mounted Lights

These 6 clip-on solar powered gutter lights are the perfect lighting solution to illuminate the perimeter of your home. The attractive units come with clips to mount them on gutters or they can be attached directly onto walls. Each unit has 9 LEDs providing ‘cool white’ light through an attractive lampshade.

These decorative outdoor solar-powered gutter lights can also be attached to fences, barriers, or other similar structures. Made from durable materials, the units are fully weatherproof and will work just as well in rain, humidity, and hot summer weather.


  • Easy to clip on gutters for increased security around your home
  • Up to 8 hours of continual light during night time
  • Aesthetic design to compliment your home’s facade
solar gutter Lights

5. ROSHWEY Super Bright Solar Gutter Outdoor Lights

Highly rated by customers, these extra bright solar lights for gutter mounting increase security and safety around your home. With clips to mount on gutters or walls, each unit has 18 bright LEDs to provide constant illumination from dusk to dawn. There is also a built-in motion sensor if strangers or visitors approach your property.

Compared to other solar units, these have highly efficient charging panels with over 18% efficiency. This keeps the units charged even on overcast days to provide 200-lumen brightness to your pathways, driveways, and properties.


  • High-quality stainless-steel casing
  • 3 adjustable motion detection modes for ultimate security
  • One of the best-selling solar-powered gutter lights
solar gutter Lights

Reasons for Choosing Gutter Lights

One of the reasons for choosing gutter lights that use the sun’s energy is to cut down on energy bills. You are able to have continual illumination throughout the night without worrying about using electricity. Eco-friendly solar units light up your driveway, paths, garden, deck, or front door. These can be incorporated with other security features to keep you and your family safe and secure.

Outdoor solar-powered lighting units are now highly affordable and easier to install than wired lighting systems. Having solar lights under your eves or gutters can increase security around the perimeter of your home without being obtrusive.

Some of the best solar lighting systems for outdoors provide constant light throughout dusk and darkness. When the sensors detect motion, the illumination around your home increases.

How to Choose the Best Solar-Powered Gutter Lights

There are a few factors to consider when choosing which solar gutter lights you need for your home.

Solar Gutter light

For example, some units are clip-on gutter solar lights that can complement the look of your gutters. Others are wall-mounted solar units that can be placed just below gutters or above garage doors, front doors, or on gable ends.

Another factor to consider before buying solar powered gutter lights is your security needs. Some homeowners only require lights to switch on when individuals approach the building. Others require lighting throughout the night. Some high-quality solar lights can be set to provide ambient lighting if you are relaxing on a deck or patio.

In Conclusion

We hope that the information provided in this review helps you choose the best solar powered gutter lights for your home security needs. Choosing between wall-mounted or gutter units can help to illuminate outdoor areas exactly where you need extra light.