Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings

8 Best Outdoor Solar Hanging Lanterns

Outdoor solar hanging lanterns are an excellent choice to improve your garden’s aesthetic value. Decorative hanging lanterns that use solar power look elegant and stylish. But one of the best features of solar lights for gardens is that they cost nothing to run, saving you money on energy bills. All types of solar lanterns have individual panels to charge up batteries that provide lighting when it’s dark.

Quick Look at Outdoor Hanging Solar Lanterns

ImageProductRatingBest FeatureHeightType of LampPrice
SHYMERY Solar Outdoor Garden Hanging Lantern 4.4Vintage Design 11"Imitation Candle
solar lantern Lights
YUNLIGHTS Solar Hanging Lanterns4.5Highly Decorative 9"Warm white LED
solar lantern Lights
Solpex LED Hanging Solar Outdoor Mason Jar 4.5Mason jars 5.3"Fairy lights
solar lantern Lights
Pearlstar Solar-Powered Hanging Vintage Lantern 4.3Vintage marine style design 7.4"Edison LED bulb
solar lantern Lights
Solar Lanterns Outdoor Hanging 3.7Minimalistic design 11"Filament bulb
solar lantern Lights
Yinuo Mirror Outdoor Solar Hanging Lantern 4.4Oriental look 6.7"Flickering flame
solar lantern Lights
SUNWIND Solar Lantern Waterproof Lights 4.1Classic lantern 12.6"Fairy lights
solar lantern Lights
Vintage Style Solar Powered Candle Lantern 4.0Vintage lantern 13"Flickering flames
solar lantern Lights

It can be tricky to know which is the best type of lantern to illuminate your outdoor space. That is why we have reviewed the best outdoor solar hanging lanterns. We examine the pros and cons of each type of solar light, as well as looking at how users rate these lamps.

Top 8 Solar Hanging Lanterns

Let’s look in more detail at some of the best hanging lanterns you can choose to complement your garden landscape design.

1. SHYMERY Solar Outdoor Garden Hanging Lantern

The classic design of this solar-powered hanging lantern makes this a top-selling garden lamp. The waterproof lantern features an imitation flickering candle to give it a classic look. As with all solar lanterns, there is a built-in panel to absorb the sun’s rays, so no wires are necessary. All you need to do is hang them in a suitable place, switch them on and enjoy free lighting.

Once fully charged, the batteries are powerful enough to provide light for up to eight hours. The two units are completely waterproof and will continue to shine even during the harshest of weather conditions.


  • Classic retro design with a brushed metal look
  • An authentic flickering candle flame
  • Ideal for ambient lighting
  • Large size, almost 1 ft. tall
  • Suitable for tabletop use or as a hanging lantern


  • Candles aren’t too bright
  • Not all users are impressed with the plastic frame
solar Lanterns

2. YUNLIGHTS Solar Hanging Lanterns with LED Lights

This highly-decorative hanging lantern provides reliable and beautiful lighting. The solar lantern charges during the day and automatically switches on at night. The gorgeous design complements garden landscapes if you have pergolas, trees, or a patio. The patterned design of the lantern creates stunning patterns when it’s dark.

The light from this lantern is surprisingly bright considering its design. The lantern is made from metal, so it’s good and sturdy. After a full charge, the lamp will shine for up to 10 hours.


  • Stunning patterned design in a retro style
  • Automatically switches on when it’s dusk
  • Waterproof with an IP44 rating
  • Wireless design


  •  After a couple of years, the metal casing can rust
solar Lanterns

3. Solpex LED Hanging Solar Outdoor Mason Jar Fairy Lights

These solar-powered LED mason jars are packed with fairy lights to provide super bright light wherever you need it in your yard. There are six individual mason jars in this pack, each containing 30 LED lights. The cap features a charging solar panel, and it’s completely waterproof. These LED light jars look stunning hanging from trees, on a tabletop, or decorating a patio.

The screw-tops also fit regular mason jars, so you can customize their look to suit your needs. In case sunlight fails, there is a battery backup in each solar panel unit.


  • No wiring necessary to use these lights.
  • They provide a steady source of light with no flicker
  • Cost-effective as there are six hanging jars in the pack
  • Lids fit any mason jar


  • Not always easy to find a suitable place where they can hang and charge
solar Lanterns

4. Pearlstar Solar-Powered Hanging Vintage Lantern

Copper solar hanging lantern with a marine style design and retro, rustic look. To add to the solar lantern’s charm, it has a super-efficient LED Tungsten Edison light bulb that emits bright, warm white light. Unlike other retro-style lamps, this is made from weatherproof and heatproof metal and will shine in cold, wet weather just as well as in full sun.

To guarantee that the lantern shines every night, there is a battery backup. After a full day’s charge in direct sunlight, the light should work for between six and eight hours.


  • The design mimics the retro look of hurricane lanterns
  • Fully charged, the light shines for up to eight hours
  • Perfect if you’re looking for an authentic-looking marine lantern
  • Intricate copper cage


  • Only comes with a 90-day guarantee
  • Some users say the waterproofing could be better
solar Lanterns

5. Solar Lanterns Outdoor Hanging

The cage design of this solar LED lantern is simple and effective. The hanging solar lamp provides good light at 360°, and the two units in the pack are adequate to light up a small garden. The sturdy stainless-steel cage has a black baked finished and minimalist design. It has a waterproof rating of IP44, which is enough for most weather conditions.

The addition of the Edison-style filament LED light bulb adds to the charm of this stylish garden lantern.


  • Large size and functional design
  • Suits modern garden landscape designs
  • Classic retro-style light bulb
  • Excellent brightness with up to 5 lumens


  • Doesn’t shine as long as the manufacturers advertise
solar Lanterns

6. Outdoor Solar Hanging Lantern LED Lights Flickering Flame

This solar-powered lantern is one of the most decorative hanging LED lamps on our review. The realistic flickering flames create a beautiful ambiance that looks stunning hanging from trees or patios. The durable plastic design means that the lantern is both lightweight and weatherproof. As with all solar lanterns, no wiring is necessary.

Hang this lantern anywhere where it can get enough sunlight. The lightweight lamp has a hand ring or clip so you can hang it from almost anything. This cost-effective solar lantern has a weatherproof rating of IP65—perfect for harsh frost and snow.


  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Emits a warm yellow light that looks like a real flame
  • Top product on Amazon
  • One of the most realistic flames you will see on a LED lantern
  • Two-pack solar lantern light


  • Charging depends on location and weather conditions
  • The cheap, lightweight design doesn’t suit everyone’s taste
solar Lanterns

7. SUNWIND Solar Lantern Waterproof Lights

This sizeable solar lantern is a classic square design garden lantern. The light source is 30 dazzling LED fairy lights that create a gorgeous ambient glow hanging in your patio or sitting on a tabletop. The high-quality plastic design and glass shell add to the lantern’s classic look. There is no fuss to get these LED lanterns working. Just charge them in full sunlight and enjoy warm white light for up to eight hours.

Unlike most other solar LED lanterns, this has two light modes—always on and flashing. However, it’s not apparent who wants a flashing lantern in their garden.


  • Large lantern design with 30 LED fairy lights
  • Efficient solar charging panel
  • Suitable for hanging or placing on a table
  • No rust design and a waterproof rating of IP44


  • After a few months, the rechargeable battery quickly loses its charge
solar Lanterns

8. Vintage Style Solar Powered Candle Lantern

These vintage solar garden lanterns look like a gas-powered lantern from an old street. This unit is also the largest vintage lantern in our review. The set of two lamps feature life-like flames that give a warm orange glow in your garden. The high-quality plastic frame is finished with a retro brushed metallic finish. This frame supports tempered safety glass.

These large lanterns are a top choice on Amazon for solar powered garden lighting. Smokeless and flame-less, and the safety glass is guaranteed not to shatter.


  • The flames are so realistic that visitors will mistake them for real ones
  • 12 LEDs in each unit
  • Suitable for hanging or on a tabletop
  • Six-month guarantee


  • Users give mixed reviews
  • Charging depends on climatic conditions
solar Lanterns

What to look for when choosing Solar Hanging Lanterns

With so many designs to choose from, it can be tricky knowing what is perfect for your garden. With that in mind, we put together a short buying guide to help you out.

  • Design—First, you need a lantern that suits your garden landscape design. Many hanging lanterns have various retro or vintage designs. Some feature filament-style light bulbs, whereas others look like candles or real flames.
  • Location—All hanging solar LED lanterns have a charging panel on the top. To charge efficiently, they need to be in a place where they get full sun for most of the day. If you want solar lanterns to illuminate a covered space, such as in a patio or under a gazebo, you will need to set them in full sun during the day.
  • Battery capacity—The size of the rechargeable battery is also another consideration. A larger battery will operate for longer and be more effective, especially on long winter nights.
  • Where to put solar lanterns—The best solar lights should be versatile so that you can place wherever you need them. Solar lamps can hang from trees, fences, deck coverings, or on shepherd hooks. You can also place lanterns on the ground or on tabletops to create a romantic ambiance in your garden.


Solar hanging lanterns for outdoor use come in many shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for something retro, then many lanterns have a classic or vintage look with lighting that mimics candles or flames. Other types have LED light bulbs or fairy lights to provide illumination. Whatever your taste or style of garden landscape, there is a type of hanging lantern to suit your needs.