Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar Outdoor LightingYou’ll Love The New Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting Products

Solar powered outdoor lighting seems like the perfect marriage of form and function. It uses the sun during the day to provide the power for various types of lighting you can use on your home at night.

Modern versions of these lighting products are available in a wide variety of colors and styles to accommodate any lighting needs you may have around your home. They are very easy to install and because they use nothing more than simple sunlight for power, you never have to worry about an expensive electricity bill.

10 Interesting Facts about Solar Lights in General

1. Operate independently

Once you install solar lights, nothing else is required from you. These lights operate independently and for free, without needing any linkage to the conventional power grid.

2. Belong to the End-User

While grid companies own and charge for their electrical infrastructure, solar lights belong to you as the end-user. After you purchase them, you will not incur additional service charges.

3. Attract Zero Energy Bills

Solar lights are stand-alone and self-sufficient. Once you install them, you will not pay for their energy consumption. In the long run, they pay you back for your investment.

4. Minimal Maintenance

LED solar fixtures boast a 20-year lifespan. Solar lights only need a change of batteries and cleaning. The frequency of battery change could be once every four years. The metal fixtures on these lights can equally last for years.

5. Adoptive and Versatile

Solar-powered lights can be used to illuminate the garden, signage, and pathway lighting. They also enhance security.

6. Easy Installation

Solar-powered lights are very easy to install. You don’t have to think about getting power from the main supply. Also, you can install solar lights anywhere, including your backyard and parking lot.

7. Solar Lights Function on Cloudy Day

Solar lights depend on solar energy to charge their batteries. So long as the battery has some charge left, these lights will still function on a cloudy day.

8. Reliable

Solar lights are reliable. Since they don’t depend on the power grid, they will light up your home during a power outage. These lights will work in areas without access to a power grid.

9. Wireless

All solar-powered lights are wireless. They draw energy from the sun and not a conventional power grid.

10. Eco-Friendly

Unlike fossil fuels and other forms of energy, solar lights do not pollute the environment. They rely on solar energy, which is clean and renewable energy.

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Solar Powered Motion Lights

Security of our homes and properties is important to all of us. One way to add safety and security to our homes is by having motion activated security lights. A way to get this security  easily and without having to have electrical wires is to install Solar Powered Motion Lights

These will give you both security and light up entrances and your yard, when arriving home late at night making it safer, and also lighting up your pathway to the front door.

They’re Simple To Operate

The design of these solar powered outdoor lighting products is very similar, regardless of the type of fixture you decide to use on your home. It all starts with a small solar panel that is used to harvest sunlight. This solar panel can convert the sunlight that strikes its surface in DC current that is used to charge a battery that is normally located inside of the lighting fixture itself.

This battery is then used as the power source for the lights that are used in the evening. Usually a days charge can last for several evenings use of the lights depending on the type of light you select. This is crucial to ensure you have adequate lighting even if you have had a few cloudy days.

The thing that makes these solar outdoor lighting products so attractive to most homeowners is how easy they are to use. Unlike conventional lighting, you don’t have to worry about connecting them to your home’s power system. This makes them easy to install since you won’t have to have a professional electrician come to your home to make the final electrical connection. This also means you can locate them in areas of your home that would have been difficult to run wiring to with standard lighting.

They’re Much Improved Over Older Models

Older versions of most solar powered outdoor lighting products had a few challenges that many homeowners found disappointing. Even though the solar panels on older models were very similar to current products, they couldn’t generate as much power from the sun. This meant that they either needed longer to charge the batteries or they never fully charged them.

Having batteries that were not charged completely meant that the lights would operate for shorter periods of time than most homeowners wanted. This short charging cycle also meant that the batteries would need to be replaced more often than current ones that get a full charge on a regular basis.

The bulbs used in these early models were also a problem as they were dim and provided a weaker light that had a bit of a bluish tint to it. Even though the lights worked, many consumers were not happy with the amount of light they provided overall. Modern versions of these solar powered outdoor lighting products overcome all these problems with newer solar panels that charge the batteries quicker and better bulb designs that deliver substantial light from a single charge.

They Last For Years On Most Homes

The other major advantage to the latest generation of solar powered outdoor lighting products is their durability. They have been designed to last for years on the average home and will continue to operate as long as they receive adequate sunlight to charge their batteries. The enclosures have also been improved to provide better protection from the elements and are available in a wider variety of designs as well to make it easy for you to match the decor of your home.

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