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What are Solar Path Lights Explained

Updated on 22/05/22

Light the Way with Solar Pathway Lights

One of the best ways to illuminate your outdoor space creatively is using solar path lights. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, solar-powered lights protect you and your loved ones from stumbling and falling on at night. They also improve the curb appeal of your property during the night. The best thing is that they are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and Eco-friendly.

Pathway Solar Lights at nightSolar pathway lighting allows you to get all of the advantages of conventional lights without worrying about increasing your electricity bill. Since they use the sun for their power, these lights allow you to enjoy the beauty and safety of an illuminated path for free.

How do Solar Pathway Lights Work?

Solar pathway lights use photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into energy. The cells are strategically positioned on top of the light to absorb maximum energy from the sun. After the conversion process, the resulting energy is stored.

When the sun sets, photoresistors in these devices sense the darkness and promptly turn on the LED light. If there was enough sunlight during the day, these lights will last the entire night.

Installation of Solar Path Lights

There are several models of solar pathway lights and all of them are easy to install. Most models have a small solar panel located in the top surface of the light that will trickle-charge an internal battery. This battery is then used that evening as a power source for the bulbs. These lights even include a light sensor that turns them on at dusk and off again at dawn to ensure you have all the light you need in the evenings automatically.

To install these solar pathway lights, you simply push the pole they are mounted to into the ground at the edge of the path you want to illuminate. This makes it easy to locate them anywhere you need the light and even move them if needed. Because they use the sun to charge their batteries, you have to be sure they get adequate sunlight exposure during the day.

If the path is shaded, you can use a version of these solar pathway lights that have a master solar panel than can be located a short distance away in sunlight. This module will typically include the battery as well and is then connected to the lights with a short cable. This configuration allows you to have the charging module in bright sunlight and locate the lights in the shade.

Solar Lights Work For Hours on a Single Charge

Pathway Solar LightThe biggest challenge with older versions of these solar pathway lights was their limited illumination. Because the solar modules used in these early models were not very efficient, they couldn’t charge the batteries fully. This meant the lights did not operate very long in a typical system. Also, the lights used in these early models required a lot of power, which drained the batteries quickly.

Modern versions of these solar pathway lights have eliminated these concerns in several ways and can typically provide a steady light for your path for an entire evening on a single charge. The solar modules in these newer lights are able to convert a larger amount of sunlight into power in an average day, which allows them to fully charge their batteries.

Because of this, the batteries used in these newer models are larger and can supply power for longer periods than older models. The bulbs used are also more efficient and draw much less power than in years past. All of this means these modern solar pathway lights will provide all the light you need, well into the evening.

How Long do Solar Pathway Lights Last?

Solar pathway lights are built to last for years. The average lifespan of their batteries ranges between 3-4 years. And their LED lights can last for more than 10 years. When the lights fail to maintain their charge, it is time to replace some of their components.

Most solar pathway lights will last through the night if there was enough sunlight during the day. Their longevity hinges on the quality of the light, their efficiency, and their batteries.

Are Solar Pathway Lights Worth it?

Solar pathway lights are worth it in many ways. After your initial purchase, you do not incur additional costs to operate these lights. Also, you recoup what you paid for them after some time.

Solar power is abundant. As long as the lights receive their daily dose of sunlight, you can count on them.  These lights will turn themselves on as the night approaches. They will also go off in the morning as soon as they sense a natural night.

In terms of maintenance, they are not demanding. You only need to clean them once in a while to remove dirt or moisture. You should only replace the batteries if you notice they are going off earlier and if they are not bright.

Compared to conventional lights that draw energy from a power grid, solar lights are a worthy investment. They do not come with other costs such as monthly energy bills and service charges.

Are Solar Pathway Lights the Same as Driveway and Gardening Lights?

Solar pathway lights differ slightly from gardening lights. However, they are similar to most driveway lights. From a functionality perspective, all solar lights have a similar operational principle. They all have cells, which receive energy from the sun, and convert it into electricity. Like all the other solar lights, pathway lights also have batteries to store energy.

Make Your Home Safer and More Secure

Having your paths lit in the evenings will give your home a very attractive look and will also make it safer. Not only will it help you and your guests find the path and avoid trips and falls, any exterior lighting you add to your home can help to discourage crime. Statistically, homes that use exterior lighting , such as solar floodlights, in the evenings are less likely to suffer break-ins than homes that are dark. By simply adding solar pathway lights, you give your home a more secure and welcoming look that adds to its beauty as well as its safety.