Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings

Solar Powered Driveway Lights- Ways to Light up your Driveway

Choosing the best solar lights for your driveway can be challenging to say the least. There seem to be so many different models to choose from. So let’s go straight into reviewing some of your best options to light up that driveway.

Features of the Best Solar Powered Driveway Lights

JACKYLED B00M4ZTS84Ground installation5000.3W
best solar driveway lights

Moonrays 91754 RichmondAttractive lighting display
best solar driveway lights

Happybuy Solar Driveway LightsDurable aluminum casing
best solar driveway lights

GardenBliss Solar LightsLow cost
best solar driveway lights

Morvat LED Solar Pathway LightsStylish design
best solar driveway lights

Biling Solar Spotlights OutdoorAdjustable lighting700
best solar driveway lights

How can you choose the best type of solar-powered lights for your driveway?

Apart from price, you should consider the length of your drive, type of lighting required, and general weather conditions. Other considerations are the battery life and capacity, Lumen output, and casings.

To make your decision easier, we have compared the features of the different types of LED solar driveway lights to help you make an informed decision. At the end of this review, you will find answers to many questions about using solar lights in your yard.

Review of Best Driveway Solar Lights

1. JackyLED B00M4ZTS84 Solar 8-Pack Driveway Lights

One of the top picks when it comes to solar-powered driveway illumination are these units by JackyLED. The solar LED rechargeable units are made from rugged die cast aluminum and are completely weatherproof. Each dock light has six powerful LEDs that emit white light to illuminate driveways, paths, steps, or decks.

One reason why these solar LED units are popular for driveways is that they are installed at ground level. That means they don’t interfere with your garden landscape and there is no risk of knocking them over. The lights come on automatically and work for up to 72 hours on a full charge. The 500 lm LEDs give out super-bright light up to 875 yards.


  • IP68 weatherproof rating
  • Can take up to 20 tons of weight driving over them
  • Rugged, durable design
  • Up to 72 hours of light


  • No automatic sensor and are on all the time
  • Difficult to remove if you need to replace them
  • Only provides light at ground level

2. Moonrays 91754 Richmond Driveway Solar Lights

Moonrays solar-powered driveway lights are some of the brightest lights on this list. The super-bright lights are from high-power LEDs that provide 30 Lumen per unit. The rechargeable batteries capture the sun’s power during the day and they provide up to eight hours of light. The textured glass also creates interesting lighting effects on your lawn and driveway.

The solar lights are made from weatherproof metal and the ground spikes are plastic. The LED units provide 360° illumination with a 120° beam. As with all driveway LED solar lights, these are easy to install and don’t require any wiring. The lighting units stand approximately 1 ft. above the ground.


  • Bright white light from 30 Lumen LEDs
  • Textured glass to provide dramatic lighting effects
  • Compact, stylish design
  • Illuminates up to a distance of 4 feet


  • The plastic ground spikes can easily break
  • Battery life isn’t the best

3. Happybuy Solar Driveway Lights 12-Pack, Dock Lights LED Bright White

These solar-powered LED driveway lights provide bright white light at ground level. With no wiring necessary, you can easily install these lights along your driveway, path, or deck. The powerful LEDs are housed in waterproof aluminum casings that withstand up to 20 tons of pressure. Large capacity storage batteries provide up to 72 hours of light.

One reason why these driveway lights are so popular is that they emit light up to 875 yards. With 12 units in each pack, this is enough for most driveways. The sturdy design means that you can drive over these without damaging them. You can also choose from several colors for your garden landscape—green, blue, red, yellow, or bright white.


  • Weatherproof and rustproof aluminum design
  • Bright light up to 875 yards
  • Six powerful LEDs per unit
  • High capacity rechargeable battery


  • No screws or adhesive supplied
  • Lighting only at ground level
  • Some customers complain that water gets into the units

4. GardenBliss Solar Lights for Driveways and Paths

This pack of 10 rechargeable solar LED lights is one of the most cost-effective lighting solutions in this review. The lighting units are made from durable plastic and feature an elegant design. One benefit of these lights is that they come with two sizes of installation posts. This means that you can adjust the height of the light to your liking.

As with most driveway solar LED lights in this review, the lights turn automatically at night and then switch off in the morning. After a full charge, the lights can shine for up to eight hours. The units are fully weatherproof and can withstand rain, snow, and direct sunlight.


  • Low cost and ten lights in the pack
  • Adjustable height to illuminate your drive how you want
  • Durable black plastic design
  • No glass in the unit that could pose a safety risk


  • Poor lighting range that is under one foot
  • Plastic design isn’t as durable as stainless steel units
  • Has a cheap feel to the design

5. Morvat LED Solar Garden Driveway Lights 8-Pack

These LED driveway solar panel lights are the most stylish ones in this review. The units have a square design and are made from heavy-duty stainless steel. For safety, the light lenses are from strong plastic, not glass. The lights are situated 10” high off the ground, so the units will not interfere with your garden landscape design.

These contemporary LED solar lights are easy to install and completely weatherproof. The small solar plant on the top is unobtrusive and charges the rechargeable battery through the day. These chic solar lights are some of the brightest we have reviewed with a total of 60 Lumens of bright white light.


  • Stylish LED solar lights made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Bright LED white light with a good range
  • The square design fits well with modern garden landscapes


  • No motion sensors
  • Some users complaint that the units break easily

6. Biling Solar Spotlights Outdoor, 2-in-1 Solar Driveway Lights Warm White

These adjustable solar lights do a great job of illuminating driveways with bright LED light. Unlike other units in this review of solar lights, these are adjustable so you can light up exactly what you want. Also, they have a low-light and high-light mode that can last for up to 15 hours. The bright light is provided by 12, high-quality LEDs.

One of the benefits of these lights is that they are extremely versatile. You can use angle the light to illuminate a large area of your drive. The 2-in-1 design means that you can also mount these solar lamps on posts, fences, or porches. As with all garden solar LED lights, these are super easy to install.


  • Bright warm LED light
  • Adjustable light up to 150° for precision lighting
  • Large charging panel means it charges in overcast days
  • Waterproof for long-lasting operation


  • The design could be better
  • The plastic casing has a cheap feel to it
  • Expensive as there are only two in the pack

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some questions you may have about solar driveway lighting.

How to choose a solar-powered driveway light

Solar lighting along your driveway increases security and safety on your property. It’s important to choose enough LED lighting units that will provide suitable light. You should look at the design of the units, how much light they emit, and their durability. For more information on what to consider before purchasing solar lights you made need to check out our article that covers this in more detail.

How long will they stay on at night?

The length of time solar lights emit light at night depends on a few factors. The efficiency of the solar panel determines how much of the sun’s energy is converted to recharge the batteries. So, low-cost units tend to perform poorly on overcast days. Also, some units are designed better than others. Generally, all solar-powered driveway lights are designed to stay on all night.

What are Lumens and why is this important for solar lights

Lumens determine how much light the LED lamps emit. A solar lamp that gives off 450 lm (Lumens) is the equivalent of a 40-Watt bulb.

What amount of Lumens do you need to buy?

The amount of Lumens you need depends on your lighting requirements. If a solar driveway lamp isn’t powerful enough, you will need more lights to illuminate your drive. If the lights are only for decoration, you could choose models with lower Lumen rating. If you need solar LED lights as a security feature, you’ll need more powerful units. Generally, LED lights that are between 100 and 200 Lumen are fine for driveways.

Why do solar lights stop working?

There are several reasons why solar lights can fail. The most common reason is that there wasn’t enough sunlight during the day to charge the batteries fully. However, most quality solar panels charge driveway lights on overcast days. If your solar lights have stopped working altogether, it could be the rechargeable battery or the solar panel that is at fault. You usually have to replace the units.

How do I fix my solar lights when they’re not working?

If your solar lights have stopped working, there are a few things you can do to fix them. First, wipe the solar panel to ensure that they get enough sunlight. The next step would be to turn off the light and allow it to charge for 72 hours. However, if that fails, you need to contact the retailer or replace the unit. To read more about maintaining your Solar Lights you may be interested reading our article on how to do this.

Will LED light charge a solar panel?

You can use LED lights to charge solar panels. This is sometimes necessary to check if there’s a fault with the solar panel. However, using LED lighting or incandescent bulbs is not as strong as sunlight. So, it will take longer to charge solar panels using artificial lights.

Can solar lights charge on a cloudy day?

Yes, even on cloudy days, your solar LED driveway lights will continue to charge. Of course, direct sunlight is necessary for solar lights to charge fully. When fully charged, they will provide light from eight to 15 hours. However, cloudy weather will affect charging times and the LED light’s performance.

To Sum Up

Solar-powered driveway lights are an Eco-friendly solution to illuminate areas of your garden. The best solar driveway lights will charge throughout the day and then switch on automatically at dusk. Having solar-powered lights along your driveway doesn’t just improve security; it also makes your yard safer. Added to that, warm light LEDs boost your garden’s aesthetic value.