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5 Best Solar Powered Motion Lights

The best solar-powered motion security lights help to light up your driveway, home perimeter, or patio areas. Installing solar-powered motion lights also acts as a security measure to deter unwanted intruders from entering your property. Solar security lights that detect motion are generally easy to install. They also provide outdoor illumination without having to be wired up to mains electricity.

Quick Look at Solar Security Sensor Lights

ImageProductFeaturesLumensCheck Price
Costech Super Bright Motion Sensor Solar Security LightsDetachable Solar Panel1000
Motion sensor Lights
iThird Solar-Powered Security Lights with Motion SensorMultiple settings, increasing security 330
Motion sensor Lights
BNT Solar Cell Security Light with Motion SensorDesigned to look like a security camera.800
Motion sensor Lights
Zookki Solar Lights for Outdoor Security and Motion DetectionPowerful bright light400
Motion sensor Lights
Ollivage Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Lights for OutdoorsHeads that can be adjusted by 360 degrees800
Motion sensor Lights

The best solar-powered security lights with motion sensors usually have a number of settings. They can have a dim mode to provide constant light from dusk until dawn. When they detect motion, the bright mode provides extra illumination. Some types of solar security lights also look similar to surveillance cameras as an extra deterrent.

There many different types of solar-powered sensor lights for outdoor use. In this article, we have put together a list of the top 5 solar units for your garden. These solar-powered lights have been chosen for their bright illumination, high-quality, and customer satisfaction.

Solar-Powered Motion Lights

1. Costech Super Bright Motion Sensor Solar Security Lights

First on the list is this excellent solar-powered lighting unit with motion sensors and is adjustable to any angle. The unit is comprised of 3 illumination heads that can rotate to almost any angle. This gives you the best possible combination if you need to illuminate driveways, paths, lawns, or pools.

One of the benefits of this solar security light is the detachable solar panel. The solar cell unit can be installed separately and remotely to the lighting unit to capture as much energy from the sun as possible. This is the best solution for north-facing areas or similar areas with less natural light.


  • Adjustable settings to stay on from 30 to 120 seconds.
  • Ultra-efficient solar charging panel with 4.8 m (16 ft.) wire.
  • Works well in all types of weather.
  • Made from durable ABS materials and IP65 weather-proof.


  • 9V, 2.5W polycrystal solar panel
  • 5 rechargeable AA batteries required
  • Up to 1,000 lumens.
solar Motion lights

2. iThird Solar-Powered Security Lights with Motion Sensor

This is an Eco-friendly solar security light unit that includes multiple settings for increased security. The unit is made from high-quality aluminum and is waterproof and rustproof.

This cost-efficient security unit detects motion up to 5 m (16 ft.) away. The “always-on” mode has a dim and bright setting along with motion detection. This unit is an excellent security solution to illuminate pathways, the perimeter of buildings, decks, and pools.


  • 3 security lighting modes depending on your needs.
  • Gives between 8 and 12 hours of illumination.
  • Modern, aesthetic design and long lifespan.


  • 5V, 2W polysilicon solar panel.
  • 2200 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Up to 330 lumens.
solar powered security light

3. BNT Solar Cell Security Light with Motion Sensor

If you are looking for a solar-powered light with added security features, then this is a great solution from BNT. The security light is designed to look like a surveillance camera complete with a flashing red LED. The motion sensor in the middle of the lamp also looks like a camera lens.

One of the reasons to consider buying this security motion sensor light is that it is fully adjustable. This means that you can position the light at almost any angle for the best effect. The security lighting unit is housed in a durable white aluminium casing that is IP66 waterproof. The solar charging panel is also one of the most efficient on this list and it’s dust proof construction means it is easy to maintain.


  • Motion detection up to 8 m (26 ft.) away.
  • Tricks intruders into thinking they are being filmed in bright lights.
  • Get more for your money as this comes in a pack of 2 units.
  • Small and compact, yet very powerful.


  • 3.7V, 5W solar panel.
  • 800 lumens.
solar powered security light

4. Zookki Solar Lights for Outdoor Security and Motion Detection

This solar-powered security lighting unit from Zookki provides powerful bright light thanks to the 28 LED lights. As with the other high-quality solar-powered lights on this list, this unit is made from durable ABS materials. It is weatherproof and will work just as well in extreme heat as it does in cold weather.

The lighting pack is one of the best cost-effective security solutions as there are 4 units in the pack. These can be installed along walls to illuminate pools, paths, driveways, doorways, or outdoor stairs. The combined solar panel is at the perfect angle to convert as much of the sun’s energy as possible.


  • 120° motion detection angle and detect movement up to 8 m (26 ft.) away.
  • No dim mode which ensures the longest possible work time throughout the night.
  • It comes with expansion pillar hinges for flexibility.


  • 3.7V with 1.3W light power
  • 400 lumens.
solar motion lights

5. Ollivage Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Lights for Outdoors

This is another excellent security solution if you require Eco-friendly, solar-powered lights. The solar security lighting unit has 3 LED heads that are adjustable up to 360°. The combined solar panel can also be adjusted to the right angle to capture the sun’s rays. Built from high-impact resistant materials, this is IP65 waterproof and works in even the harshest of weather conditions.

As with the top solar-powered motion lights, this has an always-on mode with dim and bright settings. This is an excellent way to deter unwanted intruders from entering or loitering on your property. The super bright white lights are an excellent security lighting solution for decks, front doors, gardens, or garages.


  • Sensitive motion detection up to 8 m (26 ft.) with a 120° sensing angle.
  • Lights up for 30 seconds from dim mode when detecting motion.
  • Adjust the lighting heads to any angle you want.
  • 30 LEDs provide bright lights.


  • 2000mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Up to 800 lumens.
solar powered security light

How to Choose the Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights

When it comes to providing security lighting around your home, it is essential to choose high-quality units. The essential feature of security lights, is that it lights up when someone approaches. However, the best units should also be waterproof, detect motion from many feet away, and provide a long range of illumination.

Because they recharge using the sun’s energy, you can operate these lights constantly without worrying about large energy bills. We have also chosen security lights here for their aesthetic appearance to compliment your home’s facade.

In Conclusion

There are many types of solar-powered motion lights to choose from. We hope that this article of the top 5 security solar-power lighting units can help you find the perfect solution for your security needs.