Solar Powered Security

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Solar-powered security lights, camera systems, and driveway alarms can give homeowners peace of mind. Security systems that use solar power can continuously monitor what’s happening in your property.

Motion detectors turn on solar security lights, the solar-powered cameras start surveillance, and driveway alarms can alert you to visitors or intruders in your property.

Apart from increasing security around your home, solar-powered security devices are incredibly easy to install. Because no wiring is involved, it’s incredibly easy to set up home security systems — not to mention much cheaper. Also, there’s no risk that anyone with malicious intent could interfere with the wiring.

This article is an introduction to solar-powered security for your home. Apart from finding out the advantages of choosing solar-powered products, you’ll learn how each item enhances property security.

How Solar-Powered Security Devices Work

Solar-powered devices use a solar panel and rechargeable battery to power equipment. The solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts its energy into direct current. This electrical current charges batteries during the day. The solar cameras, wireless security lights, and driveway alarms are ready to work as soon as needed.

There are a few essential factors to consider when choosing the best solar devices for your outdoor wireless security system. First, make sure that the solar panel charges efficiently. Secondly, ensure that the devices have a high weatherproof rating. Then check to see that the products have excellent user reviews.

The Five Advantages of Choosing Solar Products

Solar Powered Security

Advances in technology mean that installing solar security devices has never been easier. Solar-powered products save on energy costs, record to the cloud, work in remote areas and are Eco-friendly. Once installed, solar products don’t have any running costs. With minimal maintenance, you can protect your property continuously.

Let’s look in more detail at the many benefits of choosing solar products to protect your home, front and backyard, and other parts of your property.

1. Solar security systems are cloud-controlled

The most significant advantage to homeowners is that solar products for security are controlled electronically. The best solar-powered security devices work through Wi-Fi. Wireless connectivity means you can easily monitor your property even if you are away on vacation. With solar-powered surveillance, you can see who is on your property or knocking at your front door.

2. Install solar-powered devices in remote locations

There is no need to wire cameras, motion detectors, lights, or alarms to electrical systems. All you need to do is place the solar panel where it gets sunlight throughout the day. The benefit is that you can install solar-powered security even in remote places. You can easily keep your vacation house, barns, shed, RVs, and other areas under constant surveillance.

3. Install solar security yourself

Another benefit of solar security is that it’s straightforward to install. Generally, you only need to attach the camera, motion sensor, or solar lighting to a wall, fence post, tree, or other objects. There is no digging, wiring, or need to call in a contractor to get your home secured with solar-powered devices.

Because the devices connect wirelessly, you don’t have to install any cables or have any technical know-how to protect your home.

4. Solar power is the ultimate in Eco-friendliness

Solar Security Light

Solar power is a renewable source of energy. Installing solar-powered equipment is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. With no running costs, you won’t incur extra charges on your energy bills to increase your home security.

5. Wireless solar security systems are flexible and scalable

The beauty of installing solar-powered outdoor security is that you can adjust your system according to needs. You can easily install extra solar CCTV cameras, driveway alarms, or solar security lights if necessary.

Also, if you need to install a security system as a temporary measure, you don’t have to worry about huge costs.

Solar-Powered Devices to Improve Security Around Your Home

The essential equipment for improving your home security outdoors generally consists of motion sensors, solar lights, solar-powered surveillance cameras, and driveway alarms. Let’s look in more detail at each of these solar-powered security products.

1. Solar Powered Driveway Alarm

Solar-powered driveway alarms are a vital component of a home security system. The driveway alarm has a motion sensor and receiver. You can customize alarm tones for different areas of your property. Also, the driveway alarm detects cars, people, and large animals.

The wireless signal in the alarm then alerts you that someone is on your property. The driveway sensor can also signal to the solar-powered CCTV camera to start recording.

Solar-powered driveway alarms are ideal for monitoring paths, driveways, or areas of your backyard where you think people can gain access.

2. Solar Powered Security Camera Systems

Solar-powered outdoor security cameras record what is happening on your property. The best surveillance solar cameras record footage on micro SD memory cards, upload to the cloud, or relay real-time footage to your smartphone.

Some solar-powered security cameras also link to Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa. For example, the Ring solar camera allows two-way talk so you can speak to whoever is at your door. Or you can just give a voice command such as “Hey Google (or Alexa), show me the front door.”

Even if there are Wi-Fi outages, the best solar security cameras continue recording to their internal memory.  Solar security cameras also have the added security of recording in infrared LED light.

3. Solar Security Lights

Solar-powered security lights are one of the most vital pieces of a wireless security system. There are two ways to use solar security lights as part of a home security system.

First, the solar security light with built-in motion sensors can be used as a standalone item. So, when someone gets within range, the security light illuminates the area. The security lights either turn on when someone passes by. Or, they provide constant ambient light and shine brighter when someone approaches.

Secondly, solar security lights can be connected wirelessly to other devices in your security network. So, if the solar driveway alarm detects motion, all the security lights on your property can switch on.

Solar Powered Security: In conclusion

Many solar-powered security products can improve security around your home. Solar-powered driveway alarms detect anyone who is moving around your property. Enhancing security with driveway sensors, solar CCTV cameras, and solar lights gives you peace of mind — no matter whether you are home or away.