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Best 8 Solar Step Lights

Solar step lights aren’t just great for environmentally-friendly reasons. They can make your garden a safer space for you and your loved ones as well.

With solar step lights, outdoor stairs and steps will be more visible in the dark, preventing you from accidentally tripping and potentially harming yourself. Such solar-powered step lights can also add an extra bit of security to your home, as potential burglars will be easily exposed.

But with many different types of solar step lighting on the market today, it can be difficult to decide on the right lights for your home. This review will be your guiding light, directing you straight to the 8 best solar step lights on the market today.

The Best Solar Step Lights

Solar lights are great to brighten up your garden or outdoor space. They are incredibly easy to install, don’t require any digging or wiring, and are practically maintenance-free. From the moment you’ve added them to your garden, the lights (and the sun) will do the rest for you.

And by using LED bulbs these solar step lights are much more efficient, and last much longer, than traditional light alternatives. So, upgrade your steps, deck, or walkway today with one of these top outdoor solar step lights!

1 – XLUX Solar Lights for Steps

The number one solar step light on this list is the XLUX Solar Step Light. It’s the perfect solution for anyone wanting to upgrade their steps, stairs, or decks with an ambient light that doesn’t blind your eyes (unlike many other step lights on the market).

The XLUX Solar Lights for Steps are easily installed and made from quality materials. Many happy customers further note how quickly they charge (less than 5 hours).


  • Made with quality materials
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Easy installation
  • Warm light that doesn’t blind your eyes
  • Short charging time (under 5 hours)


  • Doesn’t always last all night
  • Customers say it can get rusty from water

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2 – F-TECK Stainless Steel LED Solar Step Lights Outdoor

Another solid choice is the solar-powered F-TECK step light. The strong stainless steel design allows these LED lights to survive any type of weather condition. They are extremely durable with a long life span.

These deck lights produce a bright light that will sure keep your steps illuminated and prevent you from tripping at night. They come with a manual and screw set. You can install them yourself (no need to hire an expert) and the lights are easily operated as well.


  • Durable stainless steel, better than plastic alternatives
  • Bright lights that last for hours
  • Comes with manual for easy installation


  • Steel color of the lights doesn’t always blend in nicely with surroundings
  • No dimming setting

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3 – iThird Solar Lights for Steps

These solar-powered step lights from iThird come in a sleek, high-quality design that’s partially made from robust stainless steel. It is one of the most weatherproof products on the market today.

They produce a warm, bright light and charge quickly, in about 4 to 6 hours. With an impressive 24 lumens of light, you can be sure of a powerful product that will illuminate your steps and decks.


  • Bright yet warm light
  • Elegant yet durable design
  • Weatherproof
  • Charges quickly (about 4-6 hours)


  • Cannot adjust the lights’ brightness
  • Not the easiest to install compared to other lights

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4 – Davinci Solar Outdoor Lights

If you want to brighten your patio, deck, or steps then the Davinci Solar Outdoor Lights are a great choice. They are very easy to install and you don’t have to worry about any wiring.

Although they are made from ABS plastic and not stainless steel they are surprisingly durable. They have hardened tempered glass to protect the panels from any potential damage.


  • Great design
  • Produces light in a wide-angle
  • Weatherproof


  • Battery doesn’t last all night
  • Cannot adjust the light settings

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5 – JACKYLED Solar Lights

The JACKYLED Solar Lights are some of the brightest solar lights on this list. They come in a nice design and the panel on top can absorb a lot of light during the day.

The product is IP-44 rated, which means the lights are completely weatherproof, and the stainless steel body further prevents the lights from getting damaged.


  • 30 lumens for optimal brightness
  • IP-44 rated
  • Strong, solid construction


  • Only one color option

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6 – GIGALUMI Solar Deck Lights

This is the only bronze item on the list, which really makes the GIGALUMI stand out against the competition. As a result, many customers comment on its elegant, stylish design.

These solar deck lights are easy to install, compact, and provide bright lights of 36 lumens to illuminate all your steps, decks, or outdoor stairs.


  • Unique and fashionable bronze design
  • Very bright with 36 lumens
  • Charges quickly


  • Customers have complained about the screws not lasting long

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7 – JSOT Solar Deck Lights

These lights are often considered some of the best solar step lights on the market today, and for good reason.

They are incredibly durable due to their solid stainless steel casing. The JSOT lights are rated IP-65 waterproof for maximum resistance. Aside from that, they have an easy to install, wireless design, and provide a clear and bright light.


  • IP-65 rated
  • Easy to install
  • Solid and sturdy design


  • No dimming options

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8 – XTF2015 Outdoor Solar Step Lights

On the eighth and final place are the XTF2015 Solar Step Lights Outdoor.The design stands out as it is made to add a smile to your garden. Literally, as the light is shaped like a smiling face! This makes it a great addition to any outdoor space.

In terms of quality, the product tends to be brighter than most step lights on this list, with the emission of up to 100 lumens. This makes it powerful enough to function as a floodlight as well.


  • Unique design in the form of a smile
  • 100 lumens emission
  • Powerful enough to function as a floodlight or spotlight as well


  • Can be too bright, depending on how you want to use it

step solar light

After careful review of dozens of solar-powered step lights on the market, these eight solar deck step lights came out on top.

Each of these outdoor step lights will give your garden that extra touch it needs. Whether to prevent yourself from tripping over your outdoor stairs or to add some ambience to your garden area. With the eight best solar step lights presented in this article, you can’t go wrong!

Solar Step Lights Preventing Those Trips And Falls

Installing a set of solar step lights is easier than you think and can help prevent unexpected accidents at your home from trips and falls in the dark. These lights can be installed in about an hour’s time and are a simple enough project for anyone to tackle.

Solar Step LightUnlike standard low voltage lighting that was traditionally used for stairs, these solar step lights don’t require any complicated or expensive wiring to connect them to your home. They include a solar module that is charged by the sun and can provide power for an evenings worth of lighting.

Automatic Operation When You Need Them On

In addition to these solar step lights being easy to install, they are also simple to operate. Most models are equipped with a light sensor that can detect sunset and will turn the solar step lights on when for use in the evenings. This is a great feature and means that you’ll always have the light you need for your steps without having to worry about turning them on every evening.

These same sensors will also turn these solar step lights back off again in the morning and put them back into charging mode so they can be ready for the next evenings use. There are a wide variety of style and colors available to choose from, which makes it simple to find the perfect set of solar step lights for your home. Some models are designed to be surface mounted at the side of the stair and others can actually be recessed into the tread itself to give you the ultimate flexibility.

What Makes These New Solar Step Lights So Much Better?

Even though solar powered outdoor lighting products have been available for quite some time, they have only started to gain a wider acceptance in recent years. This is due to broader design choices and improvements to the lights themselves.

Older models of these lights could only operate for short periods every evening and provided a dimmer light that many homeowners found unsatisfactory. This was due to the less efficient solar modules used in these early versions and the type of bulb as well.

Because the solar modules could not generate a lot of power, the bulbs had to be smaller to reduce the amount of power they required. Modern versions of these solar step lights eliminate these issues by using a more powerful solar module coupled with larger batteries to deliver a strong and reliable power source for the lights.

With these newer lights having more power available, they can use larger and brighter bulbs to supply all the illumination your steps require.

Find The Style That’s Right For You

You also have a much wider selection of styles for these new solar step lights than ever before and can easily find one that suits your decor. Some of the fixtures have an integrated solar module and battery, which makes mounting them very easy. Other models have the solar panel and battery as a separate module that allows you to locate it a short distance away from the steps you’re lighting.

This can be handy if your steps are in the shade as you’ll need sunlight to charge the power module. By using a version of solar step lights with a remote solar module, you can easily position it in the sun and still use these lights for steps in the shade. No matter which version of lights you finally decide to install, you will be able to enjoy the light they provide for years to come as long as the sun is shining.