Solar Powered Outdoor Lightings

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How to Get the Best from Your Solar Yard Lights

A great way to improve the safety and enjoyment of your home is to install solar yard lights wherever you spend time outdoors. These modern lights allow you to light a particular area of your home for free, using sunlight for energy. They are attractive, inexpensive and will continue to provide free lighting for years on the average home.

So Many Styles to Choose From

Solar Yard LightsSolar yard lights can be a great addition to your home because it allows you to enjoy areas of your yard in the evenings. This used to mean hiring a contractor to install a set of lights and connect them to your home’s wiring for operation.

Attempting this is often a complicated and expensive project and most homeowners don’t want to deal with the hassle.

Solar yard lights can solve this problem for you. They provide just the right amount of light you need, wherever you need it, by using the sun as their power source.

These fixtures include an attached solar panel converting sunlight to power that is used to charge an internal battery. This battery is then used in the evenings to provide the power for your solar yard lights.

The other nice thing about these lights is the wide variety of choices you have in fixtures. Certain models of these solar yard lights work like conventional spotlights and can illuminate a large portion of your yard.

These are great for sections of your yard that are used for parties or relaxing. Other models are more directional and are used to light smaller areas of your yard with a brighter light.

These are typically used as security lights and many of them are equipped with motion sensors being activated by movement. Some versions of solar yard lights are used to illuminate gardens, creating a point of interest to these areas.

Installation Is Easy

By using solar yard lights you can do the installation yourself saving you the cost of employing a professional. These  solar lights do not require power connections and can be installed anywhere you need a little extra light. Installation requirements do vary according to the design but most people will have no problems.

In models with solar panels attached you’ll need to locate the light with adequate sunlight to charge the batteries. Some models have remote solar panels that can be located a short distance away to allow additional flexibility in mounting.

Where Can I Use Solar Yard Lights?

Solar yard LightSolar yard lights are so versatile that you can use them anywhere in your yard. You can install them without worrying about hooking them up to mains electricity. Here are some ways you can use solar lights in your garden:

  • Illuminate paths and driveways—Garden solar lights are useful for illuminating walkways. These solar yard lights are on stakes that you drive into the ground.
  • Decorate yards with solar string lights—Hang solar string lights on trees, wrap around patio supports, decorate fences to create a fun or romantic atmosphere.
  • Shine solar lights on walls and fences—Many solar yard lights are perfect for fixing to fences and walls to illuminate your property.
  • Increase safety and security—Keep your yard lit up at night to deter unwanted visitors from your property.

Making Your Solar Yard Lights Last Longer

Backyard solar light efficiency depends on the solar panels absorbing enough sunlight. Although solar lighting units can last awhile, there are things you can do to make them last longer. In fact, cleaning is the only maintenance that solar yard lights require. Occasionally you will need to replace the batteries too.

Clean solar panels on yard lights regularly to make them shine longer. Dirt, dust, bird droppings, snow, or other debris can affect the charging capacity. Generally, it’s good to wipe the solar panels weekly to increase shine time.

Also, to make solar yard lights shine longer, install the solar panel on the sunny side of your property. If the garden lights are in a shaded area, consider buying solar landscape lights with a detachable solar panel. Be aware also that shaded areas can change according to the seasons, you may have to relocate accordingly.

How Long Will Solar Lights Shine For?

When fully charged, solar yard lights shine for up to eight hours. However, actual illumination time depends on sunlight and battery life. For example, decorative solar garden lights may not shine as long in winter due to shorter days and overcast skies.

It’s also good to remember that the batteries in solar garden lights need replacing every one to three years. So, if your lights aren’t shining as much as they should, try replacing the rechargeable batteries.

They Make Your Yard More Functional

Solar yard lights are a great addition to any home and lets you enjoy your yard well into the evening. Imagine being able to stroll through your garden in the evening or enjoy your patio late into the night.

These lights operate for hours on a single charge and will provide the light needed for your outdoor activities. They are beneficial for providing extra security for your home and peace of mind that the family is safe.